Schmoedown Spectacular PREVIEW: The Commissioner Bowl!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the first of six parts as we begin to preview the biggest event of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown! Season Five has come to its conclusion, and next week we will celebrate with six epic matches gathered on the “Grand Showcase of the Schmoedown” known as Schmoedown Spectacular.

We begin with a Fatal 4-Way match for the grandest position in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown: Commissioner. It’s the battle between different ambitions and different agendas. Who will be the one to control the matchmaking for Season Six? It’s the Commissioner Bowl between Thadd Williams, Kristian Harloff, Tom Dagnino, and Emma Fyffe.

The foundations for this matchup began during the Ultimate Schmoedown Anarchy Team Tournament. Right after KOrruption was eliminated in the Semifinals by the eventual winners Who’s The Boss, Mike Kalinowski made a last-ditch command to Commisssioner Thadd Williams to make the Team Championship match a triple threat with KOrruption, the winners of the Anarchy Tournament, and the champs The Shirewolves. Thadd, after being convinced by Brianne Chandler to stand up against Kalinowski, stood his ground and refused.

After that, Kalinowski was told by his co-conspirator and top lawyer Paulie G. to “execute the plan” in an act of rebellious suppression. That was to leak every dark secret of Thadd against his will unless he puts his title of Commissioner on the line against the man who sought to return to the position he once left: Kristian Harloff. Forced to keep them safe, he pleaded to the Chairman himself Kristian Harloff to face him for Commissionership. Despite suspicions of this offer, Kristian accepted and looked forward to thrash him at every single question.

Brianne, on the other hand, was very suspicious. She threatened Thadd that unless he puts Tom Dagnino in because their agreement was fulfilled with the number of patrons signed up, she and her new Union (formed to combat Korruption’s infectious dealings) will walk out of the Spectacular. Now faced with two dangerous scenarios, Thadd Williams had no choice but to accept Tom, but invited Emma Fyffe to compete in this match to ensure that he does not win.

What we have now is an epic opening to the Spectacular with the future of the Schmoedown on the line. Although Kristian Harloff has not competed for a year (aside from his Patreon-exclusive match against Mark Ellis), he is looking forward to take the entire match and reclaim his desired position since leaving to care for his family. Tom Dagnino wants to take the position he desired since last year, and with the backing of the Schmoedown Patreon he is invigorated to win the Commissioner Bowl. As for Emma Fyffe, she has no interest in becoming the Commissioner; but with this invitation what she as is an opportunity to influence next season for The Fyffe Club’s favor. This could be what Alia and Dan of All The Belts Podcast would call “#Heelwatch.”

Finally, how does Commissioner Thadd Williams feel about putting his Commissioner title on the line against these three? The puppetmaster that is Kalinowski and Paulie G. of KOrruption are pulling his strings, but he loves being in the Commissioner position, despite the shady writing he did to keep it away from Harloff until now. He is really stressed out and almost going to insanity with his secrets being held hostage and the threat of this year’s Spectacular not happening at all. What was supposed to be his dream job has now become a nightmare.

There is also another question to ask: What does this lawyer Paulie want, from not just this match but also two of the four championship matches that has KOrruption competitors in it? Believe it or not, this is the same man who warned us at last year’s Schmoedown Spectacular and Awards Show that a revolution is coming. Is this what he has planned at this year’s “Grand Showcase?” We will find out what KOrruption is all about starting with this match, but who does Paulie and his lackey Mike reperesent? Themselves, or someone else?

For this fatal 4-way match, Kristian Harloff will be the favorite to reclaim the position due to being a former Singles Champion. If he trained for this match, then it will not be a problem to take it all. The wild cards are both Tom and Emma. Both can answer movie trivia well, but both need to hit their best categories to have a shot at becoming Commissioner. As for Thadd, he is in a sticky situation. The last time we have seen him compete he and his partner Arron Wilhelm got wrecked by Team Action last year. He needs to throw “Hail Mary” answers at every single question to keep his position, otherwise he’s at a major disadvantage with Harloff competing.

Who will take it all and control the reigns of the Schmoedown in Season Six? We’ll find out as the Schmoedown Spectacuar begins with the Commissioner Bowl!


  1. An interesting matchup. Kristian should take it if logic prevails, but let’s see just how this will playout as I feel there could be one more player added into the mix.


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