“Dangerous” Dan Murrell (12-4) 8 KOs

Defended title against William “The Beast” Bibbiani (7-6) in Week 14 of the 2019 season

Dan Murrell entered the league in 2016 and by his third match he had captured the Singles Division titled and defended it twice before losing it to John Rocha. He would later recapture the title at Collider Collision 2017 in a Triple Threat match between John Rocha and Mark Reilly. Dan would also defend his title in an unprecedented manner when Samm Levine challenged him immediately after he had just reclaimed it for the second time. 

After losing the Singles Division title for the second time two months later to Kristian Harloff, Dan Murrell decided it was time to step away from the game. After being away for ten months, Dan Murrell made his return to the Schmoedown and in the process suffered a tremendous defeat to Andrew Ghai. The match was deemed “Upset of the Year” at the 2018 Schmoedown Awards. But Dan Murrell would only suffer one more defeat in his 2018 campaign, to Ethan Erwin in the Singles Division Ultimate Schmoedown tournament semi final match.

A win in the #1 Contender match against Clarke Wolfe held at Spectacular 3 secured his spot at the 2019 season premiere event in New York against then-current champion Ethan Erwin.

In what may be deemed the greatest title match ever played in Schmoedown history, Dan Murrell became the first player to win the Singles Division title three times by defeating Ethan Erwin.

Now, in his 3rd reign as the Singles Division champion, Dan Murrell successfully defended his title against William Bibbiani 17-14 via TKO. In doing so Murrell is currently enjoying a four game winning streak.

Over Dan Murrell’s illustrious career he has set many marks for excellence in the Singles Division.

– Has played in 9 title matches (most all-time)

– Tied for the most Singles Division wins (12)

– Most TKOs (7)

– Most combined KOs and TKOs (8)

– 3rd highest accuracy rate (81%)

– 5th highest steal rate (72%)

– 3rd highest PPE% (72%) [Possible Points Earned]

– Highest point differential (+47)

– 3rd most singles matches played

– 5th best 1st round accuracy in the Q8 Era (81%)

– 1 of 4 players to have a 5 game win streak

– 5th player to have two 3 game winning streaks

– Highest accuracy in a 3 game winning streak (89%)

– Only player to have two seperate 4 game winning streaks

– Only player to have 2 Perfect Accurate Matches in Singles Division history.

– 2016 Schmoedown Player of the Year