Singles League Champion

Ethan “Big Time” Erwin (7-1) 3 KO’s

Defeated John “The Outlaw” Rocha (11-7) at Schmoedown Spectacular 3

Ethan Erwin took the Singles League by storm in his rookie season, winning both the Singles League 8-person tournament and the Singles League Championship at Schmoedown Spectacular 3. 

In his historic run he became just the 4th player to have two 3 game winning streaks and the first to do it in the same season. Ethan Erwin’s accuracy rate is 2nd best all time at 83%. Ethan Erwin also became the 8th different player to have a 4 game winning streak, and his streak is the best 4 game winning streak, with an accuracy rate of 83% and the 2nd most points earned (75) in this span.

During Ethan Erwin’s rookie season his opponent’s avg accuracy rate was the 4th highest (71%) among players with 3 or more matches. In 1st round play in the 2018 season Ethan Erwin’s accuracy rate was the 2nd highest (83%) and in his 2nd round play his accuracy rate was 2nd highest (91%) as well. His Possible Points Earned rate was tops in the league at 84%.

Ethan Erwin will look to become the 5th player to have a 5 game winning streak when he defends his belt against Dan Murrell (10-4) in New York City at the 2019 season debut.