MACHINE MONDAYS: Jeannine’s Top 5 Moments of Free For All 3!


So I participated in my first Schmoedown Free 4 All and it was an epic gathering of some of the best and brightest in the league! 40 competitors competing Live, I had no idea what to expect and oh boy did we get some awesomeness! Ghai Being Ghai, Rocha missing a “4 horseman” question and JTE’s inglorious bear mix up are among my memorable moments.

But I’m here to talk about MY top 5 moments from Free 4 All 3!

5. The Return of Brianne Chandler and JTE

I missed these two with their recent absences from the league. JTE was out due to injury, but definitely a heavy hitter, holding on to the team championship for a whole year; and Brianne, last year’s FFA champion, queen of the kickass entrance and former Patreon manager, was out for a period of reflection.

With JTE being without the Lion’s Den and his former partner Jeff Sneider, I was anxious to see what he could do on his own and after being away for so long. He proved to still know movies while still not knowing spelling and managed to impressively hang on til the final 3. While Brianne wasn’t as successful, it was great to have her personality back and see a fun entrance from her which I missed.

4. Collider Live Coo with Brett Sheridan

As a huge Collider Live fan, it was absolutely hilarious and ridiculous to see Brett go from “working” the event to getting up on the stage! All we needed was for the guy who gives zero fluffs about the Schmoedown to take the whole thing lol. But of course he came with the funny and the wrong, but perfect answers, bringing a much needed sense of levity, at least for me, while being at the table with 3 former champions.

3. To Quote Elle Woods… “MEEE!” 

It’s taken me a long time to get to a point where I’m not totally shy and awkward; And now I’m going out there as “The Machine,” having a blast and feeling in my element. Having such a late number, I had that fear I would unintentionally waste the opportunity. Then to see who I was at the table with, I knew I had my work cut out for me and hoped to at least hold my own. I’m proud to say I did and at a table of champs no less. While I didn’t go all the way, I hung in there with the best of the best and got things they didn’t, on top of still trying to have fun with you guys with my entrance. It may be slightly cocky to pick myself for a top moment, but for a first time FFA and my second live event, in a year’s time I’ve made a name for myself in this league and I hope to continue to be a presence in the Schmoedown. 

2. Brendan’s Run 

Brendan Meyer, such a sweetheart. Lost his first match to Paul Oyama, but not a shameful first showing by any means. He’s young and has a knowledge base closer to newer films so I don’t think anyone expected him to survive the whole first half of the game. He came in with some last minute saves, knowing the last question needed to stay in the game. He started early and managed to stay at the table for such a long time! Reminded me of Erwin’s performance last year! Was just impressive to see a rookie shine like that and he’s definitely one to look out for. 

1. Bibbiani’s Last Stand 

How could I pick anything but “The Beast” coming in as number freaking 1 and being up there the whole damn time! Bibbiani has always been one of the most well rounded competitors in the league and became a champion, so I expected nothing less than a stellar showing from him. But to clear the table at the halfway point and to go on to be at the very end, after being the very first competitor in, was an amazing feat to behold. Literally still standing, I hope to see him get that belt back because he is a true champion.

Overall, the Free 4 All turned out to be such a fun and epic event! Thanks to all the amazing crew for all the work they put into it. Thanks to Kristian and Mark for putting on an amazing show. Thank you to all the awesome competitors who came to play and thank you to the fans for coming out to see us do this crazy awesome thing that is The Schmoedown. I hope you had a blast!

– The Machine


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