Innergeekdom League Champion

Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing (5-3) 3KOs

Defeated Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski (4-4) at the Schmoedown Throwdown

Rachel Cushing became the Innergeekdom Champion after defeating Mike Kalinowski 31-30, after the match went just one question into Sudden Death.

Rachel Cushing’s performance in the match was historic for many reasons. In the first two rounds of play she did not miss any questions. She currently holds the Innergeekdom record for most perfect first rounds (3) and she also became the only player in the Innergeekdom Division to have a perfect 2nd round (5 for 5, 10pts). In total she missed just one question the entire match. But most notably with her Innergeekdom win she became only the second player in history to hold two titles in two different divisions at the same time, pairing it with her Team title as one-half of The Shirewolves.

Rachel Cushing’s Innergeekdom Accomplishments/Records:

  • Only Innergeekdom player with multiple (3) Perfect 1st Rounds
  • Only Innergeekdom player with to score a perfect 2nd round (5 for 5, 10 pts)
  • Only Innergeekdom player with a Perfect Accurate Match (vs. Eric Zipper)
  • Holds Innergeekdom record for 25 consecutive correct answers across 3 matches
  • Perfect accuracy in categories Harry Potter (19/19) and Middle Earth (15/15)
  • Career Accuracy of 80%, 2nd best all-time
  • Career PPE rate of 75%, 2nd best all-time