SMASH OF THE TITANS: Is Kevin Smets the Biggest Threat in the Innergeekdom?


Jason Inman, Mara Knopic, Rachel Cushing, and Mike Kalinowski are several greatest competitors we have ever seen in the Innergeekdom division. All of them went on to become Innergeekdom Champions. With new talent constantly being added, some are bound to soar to greatest while others are left to fade into obscurity… but rookie Kevin Smets and his manager John Kaiser entered the Schmoedown to “clean house.”

In his debut match, Kevin managed to score a perfect eleven points in Round One, while his opponent David Moore won seven points. But Round Two is where the gloves came off. Moore flopped hard, as he could answer only three of his five questions after going to multiple choice. Kevin not only stole two points but answered four questions in “Movie Release Dates” without using multiple choice, and knocked out Moore in his debut. In the post-match interview, Kaiser challenged Hector Navarro to be Smets’ next victim. But that would not come to pass.

Jay Washington was offended that a rookie competitor challenged a former champion after only one match. He went on Facebook to smack talk Kevin and Kaiser, starting a social media war. Commissioner Emma Fyffe intervened with the two competitors on her day off and put them both in a match together.

And just like in his first match with David Moore, Kevin was able to TKO Jay Washington with a score twenty to seven.

Feeling confident after his two victories, Kevin entered the Free4All III as the twenty-first competitor. Mike Kalinowski was on stage sizing-up the new Innergeekdom rookie as The Smasher made his way to the stage. They both stared each other, showing no hesitation towards one another. Mike managed to give Kevin a taste of defeat by scoring just one point more than the Innergeekdom rookie.

Schmoedown fans want to crown a new champion before a competitor can prove themselves in the game. Some have been able to fulfill fans’ expectations, but it took skill, time, and luck to win a belt. Kevin Smets definitely has the skill to become a champion. However, only time will tell if he could take the Innergeekdom Belt or will come up short in his pursuits.


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