SINGLES PREVIEW: Stacy Howard vs. Jeannine the Machine – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this must see singles battle in what has now become a full-fledged rivalry between Time Machine and KOrruption!

One of the most beloved competitors comes back for her second singles match of this season, facing her ex-teammate and an underrated competitor who believes this season is her time to shine on her road of revenge. In this exciting matchup, two women compete to climb back into the Top 10 rankings of the Schmoedown Singles Division to fuel their contention status for the singles title.

It’s “Sassy” Stacy Howard versus Jeannine “The Machine!”

The animosity between these two competitors began, unexpectedly, at last year’s Triple Threat singles match in the Collider Collision. They were teammates in The Viper Squad at the time, but they were forced to play against each other and Marc Andreyko by the whims of KOrruption. While Stacy found herself eliminated, Jeannine had victory in her grasp… but only to lose it in Round Three to Marc.

A devastating blow to that faction, both Jeannine and Stacy were not sure how each other couldn’t pull it off. That animosity gradually grew between the two, particularly when manager Jay Washington placed more of his focus on Jeannine and his new acquisition Ethan Erwin during the Ultimate Schmoedown tournaments. When Jay and Jeannine returned to Stacy this season with a game plan to elevate her contention status, Stacy was already through being (as she saw it) ignored, and left them behind for KOrruption, as co-manager Grace Hancock’s latest prospect to join Mike Kalinowski’s crusade.

It was a decision left Jay and Jeannine heartbroken.

At the start of the season, Jeannine returned to competition in a big way: facing KOrruption’s Chance Ellison in New York. It was an intense matchup, with Jeannine having the winning question, only needing to seal the deal. However… it was from a film she did not care for. X-Men Apocalypse gave Chance his first ever singles win. Jeannine and Jay questioned the inclusion of this film, but they moved on with Jeannine competing in the Free 4 All where she well good in her rounds.

Now, Jeannine is once again facing a member of KOrruption: her former teammate, Stacy Howard. This a personal battle for her, given that Stacy has no remorse in grinding her down, even though Jeannine supported Stacy last season. To win, Jeannine needs to stay focused and not get carried away with the emotional impact of this matchup. Even though she’s facing Stacy, Jeannine must treat her just like her like any other opponent. If she can do that then we will seal her claim to victory with her very strong movie knowledge.

But will she triumph over her former-teammate-now-rival? Stacy has something to say about that.

At this point in “The Magic Season” Stacy Howard feels ignored and underappeciated, and sees herself as a legitimate contender. From her perspective, she found herself undervalued by her manager Jay. Now that she has ditched Jay and Jeannine for KOrruption, we are seeing renewed vigor in her spirits. Her purpose recharged, thanks to Mike Kalinowski’s mission, she plans to exact revenge on those who thought so little of her, and to prove that she is one of the top dogs in this league.

Her first stop on this revenge tour will be against her former partner Jeannine. A competitor of whom Stacy now feels jealous. Although Jeannine showed no animosity against her, Stacy wants to defeat her to prove a point. To win, Stacy must not underestimate her as an opponent. Jeannine is still a fearsome competitor that has the potential to be in the future title picture. If Stacy is overconfident based on how she’s ranked over her, she will lose. If she can match answer-for-answer against Jeannine, then the possibility of victory is there.

Make no mistake, this personal battle is part of the burgeoning rivalry between these two factions since their clash in New York. Although Stacy is the higher ranked of the two, Jeannine will be the favorite to triumph in this match. She will be part of the title discussion sooner or later in the future.

This Friday, it’s all about personal business between Stacy and Jeannine in a crucial singles match to be in contention for the title in this top-heavy division of the Schmoedown!



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