EXCLUSIVE: The New Schmoedown Championship Belts Are Here!


There are no prizes more coveted in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown than the championship belts. But the giant straps of leather, adorned with gold and emblazoned with movie logos, the ones that every player has been fighting to earn for years… are about to be replaced.

Introducing… The NEW Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship Belts!

These new belts, designed by Bryan Ward and crafted by Scott Bruce and Tony Sanchez of Brutalia Belts (who also created the belts for Reality of Wrestling), are just about to debut in the league. These belts will replace the Singles, Teams and Innergeekdom belts that are currently in circulation, and which possessed – at the moment – by “Dangerous” Dan Murrell, Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing and “Classy” Clarke Wolfe.

(The current Star Wars belt, currently held by Alex “The Demon” Damon, will remain in play.)

What do you think of these new designs, and which one would YOU want to win the most?!


  1. VERY COOL! BUT, got 1 I guess, major issue, which relates to all 3 of them…The MTS is the LEAGUE, and the Singles, Teams and Innergekdom, are the divisions…I thought this was established long ago, was it not?
    So IF each “LEAGUE” is it’s own thing, but all under the Movie Trivia Schmoedown main heading…then what IS the Move Trivia Schmoedown? .. Because I know when I’ve talked to people about it, going back years now, I tell them, the MTS is a Movie Trivia league, with 4 Divisions, Singles, Teams, Innergeekdom, and Star Wars…and now I’m flummoxed

    • They all used to say division, but Kristian changed it to leagues a little while back; it’s just taken a bit for the marketing to catch up. I think that, combined with the old belts also referencing Collider is why the upgrades happened.

  2. Not loving them. But that’s cause i love what works and what i’ve seen used for years on end. Sad to see the old innergeekdom belt go cause that thing was amazing! But excited to see the champs holding these belts cause they are gonna look awesome (even if i don’t like them as much, yet)!


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