TEAMS PREVIEW: Inky and The Brain vs. The Movie Guys – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to the upcoming team match of the week!

A surprising favorite of the Anarchy Tournament, one team will be facing a new addition to the Schmoedown Teams Division after their debut in the Free 4 All. The two new guys are entering proper Schmoedown competition to see if they can make their impression powerful to the worldwide Schmoedown community, against a team that wants to keep going and build their establishment in this division.

It’s Paul Preston and Adam Witt of The Movie Guys versus Rachel Silvestrini and Devon Stewart of Inky and the Brain!

A stalwart group that loves to talk about movies and has been part of the online film community since the late 2000s, The Movie Guys are throwing their hat into the Schmoedown ring. These ragtag guys and gals are not your average filmgoing people. These people truly know their movies and the movie industry as a whole, with experience in critiquing movies and gaining insider knowledge for years. Leading The Movie Guys for the Schmoedown, particularly in the Schmoedown Teams Division, are these two men: the founder and head-honcho Paul Preston and his fellow co-worker Adam Witt.

Paul Preston is a true fanatic with a brilliant knowledge of film trivia and film facts. He truly lives and breathes within the movie industry itself, having experience from almost every facet: movie theatres, video stores, film sets, video production companies, and movie-themed amusement parks. While he was part of Bibbiani’s epic table sweep at the Free 4 All, in the Schmoedown ring it could be a different scenario. If there’s one thing that he proves to be a potentially great competitor, it’s through his personal blog on The Movie Guys website called “Today I Watched…” One reading from his blog, and you can tell he’s passionate for how a film is made.

As for his partner Adam Witt, he is a comedian at heart since being a founding member of Schadenfreude but also a passionate movie fan. Since being a member of Netflix in 1999, he enjoys talking about movies particularly through the videos he has done for The Movie Guys channel plus The New Movie Show as well. You may doubt Adam since he’s a comedian and not a true movie insider as his partner, particularly in his not-so-stellar performance at the Free 4 All, but he has the movie knowledge to be very promising in the Schmoedown. For he and Paul to do well, they just need to remember the rules of the Schmoedown and be able to utilize both the repeats and the challenge very well to make their debut have an impact on the community. It all depends on how their opponents will do.

When this team-up of Rachel Silvestrini and Devon Stewart was announced at the Ultimate Schmoedown Anarchy Team Tournament last year, not many had faith in this team to do well particularly against KOrruption’s Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison in his debut. However, when the match was played, Inky and the Brain surprised everyone. Instead of Silvestrini carrying this team by herself, Stewart picked up the load when his strength of “Will Smith Movies” was chosen for their Round Two and they forced KOrruption to play in Round Three, in a match that many thought would be a TKO/KO win for KOrruption.

Although they may have loss that matchup, this season for Inky and the Brain is a chance to show that they are a legitimate team that many should not underestimate. With the surprising showing of Devon Stewart’s movie knowledge plus the backing of Rachel Silvestrini from the Schmoedown community (including Jeannine “The Machine”), Inky and the Brain can make noise within the rankings of the Schmoedown Teams Division. Their key to victory is to focus on their strengths in all three rounds. If they can find their strengths in the questions they will face, and get a category that works for them in Round Two like “Will Smith movies,” they can rebound with a 1-1 record.

Between these two teams, it could go either way due to the lack of contendership each give on the table. However, The Movie Guys will be the favorites if they can use the Schmoedown ruleset to their advantage. Who will make a lasting impression in this week’s team match? We will find out as the new guys come to town in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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