IT’S OFFICIAL: Hector Navarro and Kevin Smets Do Battle in May!


The rise of Kevin “The Smasher” Smets has everyone in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Innergeekdom division terrified. He’s not just a winner, he’s not just a force of nature, he’s a volcano with a gold medal jumping off a high dive into a pile of money and brass knuckles. And he’s rising through the IG ranks quickly, with an eye on the belt.

Today, after his manager, Kaiser, called out former Innergeekdom champion Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro on social media, The Nightmare decided to emerge from retirement and stand in The Smasher’s way.

Emma Fyffe, whose job as Innergeekdom and Teams Commissioner has thus far involved more social media arbitration between players than she probably expected, stepped in to quell the kerfuffle, and official set the match between Smets and Navarro in motion.

It’s the first truly dangerous opponent for Smets, who previously knocked out rookie David Moore and veteran Jay Washington. Navarro is a bona fide champion, and with this match Smets will graduate from intimidating upstart into a genuine threat for anyone in the IG division. If Smets can defeat Navarro, he’s got a clear path to the top players in the division, including Mike Kalinowski and – not terribly far in the distance – the double-belt holder herself, Rachel Cushing.

The question for the fans is, has Navarro been training in his off-season? Ring rust is, as we have seen time and time again (and recently) a real threat in the Schmoedown, and with the IG division getting increasingly detailed and intense with each passing match, players are expected to not just know their geeky movies, but know them backwards and sideways.

Can The Nightmare defeat The Smasher? Can ANYONE defeat The Smasher? We’ll just have to wait until May to find out!


  1. Navarro doesn’t have a prayer, I’m afraid – without a lot of luck. He was a great player in the early days – but he has been out of it too long, and the division is too deep. Hope it isn’t a KO again.

    Smets vs Kalinowski is where it is really at. Or Inman should he return. Smets v Cushing would have match of the year potential though – kind of like a Murrell/Erwin level heavyweight match.


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