The Movie Trivia Schmoedown event of the year is upon us. Schmoedown Spectacular III brings every controversial storyline together, every legendary matchup, and every title defense, for a series of matches that could change the Schmoedown forever. And it’s all coming this Friday, December 21, and we finally have a complete lineup!

The Schmoedown Spectacular III will be split into three chapters, with Volume 1 debuting at 10am Pacific, Volume 2 at 1pm Pacific, and Volume 3 at 4pm Pacific. 

Each installment is a scorcher, and here’s the lineup…


The Schmoedown Spectacular will kick off with an extensive pre-show, including interviews with players past and present, as the event gets underway! 

Then, the event begins with The Commissioner Bowl, a four-way match between Thadd Williams, Kristian Harloff, Emma Fyffe and Tom Dagnino, with the winner walking away with the Commissioner position, and the power to control the Schmoedown in 2019.

These players may not be the top-ranked in the league, but literally everything is on the line, so their match should be chock full of suspense!

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The first Schmoedown Spectacular video will conclude with one of the most anticipated matches of the year: the team championship match between The Shirewolves vs. Who’s the Boss! 

Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe have become one of the most accurate teams in the history of the Schmoedown, but Who’s the Boss has come charging through the Anarchy tournament, with a series of impressive wins, despite the mismatched personalities of Mark Reilly and Ben Bateman.

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The Schmoedown Spectacular’s second installment will feature two of the biggest matchups of the event, with more trivia knowledge than you can shake a Wookiee at.

First up is the Star Wars championship, with Alex “The Demon” Damon going up against Ken “The Pit Boss” Napzok. Alex’s knowledge of the Star Wars movies is comprehensive and intimidating, but if anyone knows more about the a galaxy far, far away… it might be Ken.

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Next up is the Contender’s Match, with “Classy” Clarke Wolfe (in her second match of the day) and “Dangerous” Dan Murrell in an epic rematch, years in the making! They’re two of the toughest competitors in the league and they’re competing to go to the live event in New York, where the winner will play for the Singles Belt.

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It’s going to be HUGE, and there’s still one whole video to go!


The final installment of the Schmoedown Spectacular, and the final match of the season, features two potential match-ups for the ages: the Innergeekdom Championship and the Singles Championship!

First up, “Amazing” Mara Knopic will defend her belt against Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski, who she defeated in the Innergeekdom tournament, but who manipulated the league to earn himself a rematch at Spectacular. 

Mara Knopic is undefeated, but her last match with Mike came down to the very last question, so this could be one of the closest and most intense matches of the year!

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And finally, the event you’ve been waiting for… the Singles Championship match between John “The Outlaw” Rocha and Ethan “Big Time” Erwin!

John Rocha has been Singles Champion before, but he’s never successfully defended the belt, so this legend still has something to prove. And he’ll have to pull out all the stops to defeat Ethan Erwin, a rookie who has dominated the league this year, culminating in this epic title shot.

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Keep coming back to for more coverage of the Schmoedown Spectacular, including exclusive interviews, postgame coverage and more!


  1. I really like that Harloff goes first. I imagine he will have WAY more energy for this match than he did against Samm when he lost the belt having called the entire event and then having to play at the end.


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