ALEX DAMON VS. KEN NAPZOK: Schmoedown Spectacular Preview!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here as we continue the six-part preview to the Schmoedown Spectacular with part two! These next two parts will cover what many are calling the most controversial matches ever scheduled for the biggest stage in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

This time, it’s a battle between a hotshot with his first title defense and one of the most venerable Star Wars competitors, seeking his revenge. It’s “The Demon” Alex Damon of Star Wars explained versus “The Pitboss” Ken Napzok for the Star Wars Championship!

What makes this matchup intriguing isn’t the corruptive nature of it, it’s the last time they competed against each other: this last summer at June’s Schmoedown live event in L.A..

It was a competitive Triple Threat #1 Contender match between Ken Napzok, Alex Damon, and Joseph Scrimshaw where the winner faced then-champion Sam Witwer for the title at Collider Collision. For all three rounds it was a close fight, but Napzok was the first eliminated and Damon became the new #1 Star Wars Contender.

Then, bad news came: Sam’s manager Emma Fyffe told Commissioner Thadd Williams that he could not compete due to the new acting role he has in Arrowverse’s Supergirl as Agent Liberty. [Editor’s Note: It was, admittedly, good news for Sam.] With that, Thadd had to schedule an interim championship match with Damon at Collision.

Enter Mike Kalinowski and KOrruption, with damaging information that held Thadd hostage. Mike forced the Commissioner to strip Sam of his title and make it an open championship match. With that, Alex Damon entered the Collision facing Bruce Greene from Funhaus and annihilating him to win the title via an unfortunate and unexciting 3rd Round KO.

With that, Thadd Williams worked with Sam Witwer and his manager Emma Fyffe to get him to compete in the upcoming Star Wars Championship match at Spectacular. Unfortunately, all the high-tension negotiations between the parties were for naught because Mike Kalinowski entered the fray and tossed them all out the window. After abusing his corruptive power (via his lawyer Paulie G.) to arrange a rematch with Mara Knopic for the Innergeekdom Title, Mike abused his power again by forcing Thadd to make the title fight between Alex Damon and his KOrruption’s manager Ken Napzok.

For Ken, this is finally the moment he has been waiting for. Since losing the title to Sam Witwer in the Iron Man match at last year’s Spectacular, he’s been going on about how “the system” made him lose the title. That was further reinforced when the blackmails of KOrruption came, one of them implicating Tom Dagnino of trading competitors in The Lion’s Den. Ken left as a result and soon gained an ally to Mike’s cause.

If there’s any reasonable reaction to this announcement, it’s sheer excitement and deep craving for vengeance. However, for Ken to reclaim the title he has to dig deep into his studies of the Star Wars lore. He is no longer the top dog in this fledgling division, as there are newer competitors that arguably have far superior knowledge of Star Wars. For this five-round bout, he needs to really pull out all of his deep knowledge and not get caught in the drama of finally having a title shot.

Will Ken fulfill what was given to him and become the new Sith of the Star Wars Division? We’ll see when he faces the young hot-shot.

As for the “Han Solo” of the division, the scoundrel from Atlanta will be facing a formidable opponent who will definitely be tougher than Bruce Greene. Although he was expecting to defend the title against Sam Witwer, he is nevertheless anticipating an epic game against one of the originators of this division in Ken Napzok. Through his work on his YouTube channel Star Wars Explained, Alex possesses a far superior knowledge of Star Wars from the lore to everything trivial. His knowledge rivals Sam Witwer’s.

For this championship match, Alex should expect to use the best of his pulls for right answers, regardless if it’s Witwer or Napzok. As long as he does not get distracted by a potential deep-cut question from what many call the most complicated question bank in a Schmoedown division, then he’ll be on solid footing to go the distance. Can Alex Damon pull off his first title-defense against KOrruption? He has it all, but he will face a Sith on a mission.

The first of four championship matches in the “Grand Showcase” should be an intriguing bout between two of the best Star Wars experts in the division. However, given what we have seen at that summer’s live event, “The Demon” Alex Damon will be the favorite to defend the Star Wars belt.

Will KOrruption have its first of two championship belts after hijacking two title matches? Will Damon defend and have his potential dream matchup with Witwer? We will find out as he begins his title defense against the revenge of the Napzok.


  1. I expect this to be a terrific match. As for the outcome I think Napzok is hungrier for it at this point so I see him reclaiming the belt and becoming a two time champion.


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