MACHINE MONDAYS: …And You Betrayed Us


So Stacy left the Viper Squad… turned her back on the people who have done nothing but support her and come to find out, who’s behind it but none other than Mike Kalinowski himself with the help of the “lioness” Grace Hancock.

How the F**k does this happen? And how does the Machine feel about it? I’ll tell you. 

Mike has been a pain in my backside since before I was even in the league. When I called him out for everything he did to Brianne, we’d get in endless online arguments about how his stale, boring white bread persona was no match for the Missfit’s fire, sass and determination. He hijacked my collision match and turned it into a 3-way, pitting Stacy and I against each other. He still managed to somehow get his claws into Brianne at her most vulnerable and I fear him and Grace sensed that same vulnerability in Stacy and took the opportunity to poach my crew mate. 

Stacy is a star in her own right, a vet in this league. She’s done some amazing things. As a new competitor, I required Jay’s coaching to help get the Machine off the ground. Once he helped me get settled into the league, after New York and setting up my team with Ethan, there were plans to get Stacy back on track after her defeat to Dan. A new partner for teams, some high profile singles matches, the works! But I guess things just weren’t moving fast enough for her.

I get it. Stacy deserves to shine and I’m sorry she felt like she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved, so I totally understand why she had the thought to leave. My issue is who she left us for… the guy who broke up the Missfits, the guy who turned out to be nothing but a pawn in a smarter man’s game, the guy who claims anyone with a faction is a mindless sheep but ultimately now has one of his own, the guy I’ve despised since before I even joined the Schmoedown… Kali-f**kin-Nowski and with Grace right there too getting in my girl’s head telling her what? “We both have red hair so let’s team up?!” Because this is not the Stacy I know.

I hope Stacy sees the light, I hope she comes home. But if she doesn’t….there may be only one way to show her just how wrong she is…

Mike made us face off once before… and let’s remember who went out first in that match. Stacy chose the wrong side and after NY I’m hungry for a second shot at “KORRUPTION.” I know I’m ready. 

– The Machine



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