INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: Kevin Smets vs. David Moore – Who Ya Got?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to this week’s upcoming Innergeekdom match! Two new rookies with passions for comic book superheroes and science-fantasy films duke it out for their first victory in the Innergeekdom division. One, an upstart YouTuber and the other a Schmoedown fan.

Who will emerge victorious? It’s Kevin Smets versus David Moore!

A movie enthusiast who aspires to work as a director, David Moore aims to make his name known to many around the world as a geeky film lover. Coming from the upstart of his young YouTube channel the REEL COOL DUDE, Smets was discovered for his ability to recall many Star Wars and comic book films. Can he show his love for movies through this specialized division? We don’t know yet, but a solid impression is what he needs for this match.

As for his opponent, this Schmoedown fan comes from the grouping of Jeannine The Machine and Rachel Silvestrini, who are invited through connections with competitors. For Kevin Smets’s case, it was through his friend and current Team Champion Rachel Cushing. He’s already involved in the Schmoedown community, attending the tapings and live events, so he is a passionate fan of this league. And by being both an avid fan of movies and professional wrestling, Kevin might be the next personality in this league, if he’s got the knowledge to back him up. A competitor that could win many fans this week. Will he show that passion and dedication for the Schmoedown in this match?

For both, their one key to victory is to make a fantastic first impression. As we have seen already, fans can determine if competitors are worth their weight or just pretenders. Their personalities need to shine, because no matter how good Smets and Moore are, only one of them can take home the victory. So it’s extra important for the loser of this match to get the fans interested in their character and career.

It’s also vital that these rookies avoid the usual rookie mistakes, like forgetting to use JTE rules, taking a guess in the second round when it would be wiser to go multiple choice, or even – the worst possibility of all – spinning from the pegs, not from the wheel.

Kevin and David will need to bring their all for this Innergeekdom match. It’s time to send the new kids into the spotlight of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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