MACHINE MONDAYS: New York – Part Two!


The New York Live Event made for an epic weekend. Three live shows and quality time with fans, friends and unrelated family. Not only was it a weekend of celebration because it was my birthday, but it was also a time of celebrating people I love and admire, in their element, doing amazing things. I had some incredible interactions and moments with people that were truly priceless.

I always talk about Dan Murrell being the reason I got into the Schmoedown. Well the reason I stuck around was because of teams like The Missfits and of course, Team Action. Getting to be there with not just the Action Guys, but their biggest supporters, the Action Army and the Call To Action Crew was an amazing thing to experience.

They not only gave me an epic birthday and made me feel incredibly loved, but the united pride we all felt for our boys Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai in doing their first live show and building their brand, Action Industries, was amazing. They’ve taken their fans on their epic journey and have never forgotten where they started. The amount of love shown to them by their fandom is a testament to what wonderful people they are and it was awe inspiring to be a part of it. #ActionArmyForLife

The Schmoedown fam is always just that, a family and that was the feeling at Mark Ellis’s comedy show! Ellis and Brett Sheridan can always kill a comedy show but seeing Kristian Harloff go up on stage and do a set that was 90% Collider Live jokes and get all the love and laughs shows just how big his reach is and how much support is out there what he’s doing. I got to the show a little late so everyone was already inside and as I walked through I got cheers and birthday wishes which felt so special. 

Juxtapose that with Brandon “The Hitman” Hanna walking in right after me and getting totally booed made for a fun laugh and the feeling of getting razzed by people who truly care. Combine the great evening of laughter at Ellis’s comedy show with equally excellent conversation after and you have another successful evening in the Big Apple.

Then we move on to another outstanding live event! The fans were amazing and getting to walk out with Ethan was incredible! The reception felt just like my last time live in NY and it made me that much more excited for our partnership going forward.

I was actually having really bad anxiety that day and everyone was so kind, encouraging and positive that it put me at ease. From that night on I actually got in some real quality time with people I see all the time but never really get to talk to like Dwayne Burke; thanks for all the work you put in behind the scenes, Miss Movies herself Brianne Chandler; I can’t express how nice real chats and quality time with you has been after looking up to you for so many years, and Frank Janisch constantly making me laugh and listening to my ramblings. To you all, among others, I can’t put into words how nice it was really getting to know you!

What was really special for me was my interaction with the fans. I had some awesome generous fans want to buy me birthday drinks, give me awesome custom shirts (thank you Jake Iacovetta and Billy Belford), beautiful signs from the now famous Mariano girls Zoe and Kara, and even support for my design work (thank you Adam)! 

I had some real conversations with fans about what they love about the Schmoedown and what my prescence in it meant to them, which was incredibly humbling. Hearing from a beautiful woman of color about how my involvement in the Schmoedown has really been significant to her was overwhelming. Thank you Kylee!

Another woman, Marisol, pulled both me and Brianne aside to tell us how much seeing females like us doing well in the league over the years has inspired her to put herself out there more.

Overall, NY was an incredible time with the most amazing people on this planet. I am so very thankful for what the Schmoedown has given me in terms of amazing experiences, confidence, friendship and a platform to inspire others.

Thank you to all who gave me a wonderful weekend, a spectacular birthday and ultimately, an epic family vacation.

~ Machine



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