WHO YA GOT?!: Schmoedown Stars Predict the New York Live Singles Title Match!


Fans of the Schmoedown like to predict who will win each upcoming match, but we’re about to let you in on a little secret: the players do too! We’re taking you behind the scenes of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown to reveal who the major players in front of and behind the scenes think is going to hold the Singles Championship title in New York, which streams LIVE this weekend!

Competing for the belt are rookie sensation “Primetime” Paul Oyama, whose first year at the Schmoedown has led him directly to the belt. Competing against the champ is none other than Jeff “The Insneider” Sneider, a former two-time Teams Champion, making his first-ever run at the Singles title!

So, Schmoedown stars and professionals… WHO YA GOT?!

Paul Oyama is the new breed. He’s proven himself with both knowledge and strategy and cannot be thwarted by the likes of streaky players like Jeff Sneider. It’s truly old world vs the new. while Sneider is a top tier player, some might even call a legend, he’s outclassed by youth and determination.” ~ Ben “The Boss” Bateman, The Five Horsemen

“I’m curious to see how this shakes out. While Oyama seems to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge, I’m gonna go with Sneider. He’s the more seasoned competitor with an impressive knowledge base of his own. He can handle not just the lights, but live lights like a pro. Not sure if something like that may phase Paul. Sneider’s also a very entertaining competitor to watch and I think that factor will get the crowd behind him. I know for me, having that crowd support right off the bat in MY New York Match boosted my confidence during that Live game ten fold! Good luck to both competitors! Hopefully I’ll see them across the table soon!” ~ Jeannine the Machine

“I’ll say it again for all of the tail chasing, dungeon hating, dipsticks out there who didn’t hear me the first time… ‘Prime Time’ Paul Oyama is the most electrifying player in the Schmoedown and it’s going to stay that way in NYC.” ~ Kaiser, Manager of The Dungeon

“I once saw Jeff Sneider beat the fastest buzzer hand in the Final Frontier — Movie Mantz. So my money is on Jeff.” ~ Jason Inman, Former Innergeekdom Champion, Former Horseman

“I gotta go with my Dungeon brother Paul Oyama… I think Primetime is ready for ‘primetime’ and he’s gonna surprise a lot of fans when he excels when the lights shine brightest.” ~ Kevin “The Smasher” Smets

Jeff Sneider is one of the greatest players to not hold a singles title. As long as he stays in the game, that title is his. If Oyama has a chance, he’ll have to match wits with one of the biggest mouths in the league.” ~ Mark Donica, Former Lion’s Den

“I’m picking Paul Oyama. When you look at how both players have played this year, Oyama has been more consistent at a higher level. Also, a win over Dan Murrell will send anyone’s confidence through the roof.” ~ Frank “Stats” Janisch, Co-Host of The Schmoedown Rundown

“I think that Jeff Sneider is an incredible player, he’s one of the greatest team players of all time, but for Paul Oyama to go undefeated and beat the undebatable GOAT in this game in Dan Murrell, there’s no way smart money is not on Paul Oyama. The BOAT is going with ‘The Shark.’” ~ Brad “The BOAT” Gilmore, Co-Host of The Schmoedown Rundown

“Who I got? WILLIAM BIBBIANI. I don’t need to say anything else. just dropping the mic right here and now.” ~ Chris Clark, Producer of The Schmoedown Rundown

“Who I got? CHRIS CLARK. No wait, it’s Paul Oyama. Jeff Sneider might be the best teams player in the league, with a broad general knowledge and an in-your-face play strategy that keeps his opponents off guard, but as I’ve discovered firsthand, he’s got major gaps in his movie trivia knowledge. Paul is a cucumber, as in “cool as a,” so as long as the wheel and betting rounds don’t exclusively favor Sneider (which could obviously happen, it’s the Schmoedown after all), I think he’s got this one in the bag.” ~ William Bibbiani, Former Singles Champion, Former Horseman

“Look I don’t what either of these guys to win but I had to choose I’d go with Oyama retaining. I know big shock right? I’m going for the guy who’s had it out for me since day one. Why is that? Because I know we’ll meet again someday and I wanna be the one to break that perfect little streak of his.” ~ Chance Ellison, Teams Champion, Member of KOrruption

“My money is on Oyama. The kid is a powerhouse whose weaknesses are still a mystery. So long as he maintains composure amidst all the chaos, he can win. Sneider relies on childlike tantrums (which I experienced first hand) to disrupt the match and mess with his opponent, while his partner in crime, Roxy, is just as obnoxious with her immature sideline antics.

“In my match against Sneider, I made the mistake of assuming we were playing a gentlemen’s game, but those two are in for a rude awaking if Oyama has Kaiser at his side. That garbage mouth will knock the glitter out of their tutus and send them back where they belong: to the playground with the rest of the bratty, snot nosed kids.

“Prediction: Sneider implodes in round 5. Oyama won’t even have to answer his 2 pointer.” ~ Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski, Innergeekdom and Teams Champion, Member of KOrruption

“As all of you know, The Outlaw knows a thing or two about being the underdog and defeating Dan Murrell for the title as Oyama did. Unfortunately, I also know what it’s like to try to defend the belt in your next match quicker than you want to and losing it before it’s has a chance to find its home on your shoulder.

“Oyama has been driven to win this Singles belt since he walked into this league. He did it. I’m curious to see how he’ll handle the antics of Sneider and the pressure of a live event in NYC. No sunglasses or smirky attitude is strong enough to shield you from the bright lights of an NYC stage and cheering fans.

“I’ve played Sneider a few times in this league in teams and singles and people know my record against him. He’s a source of immense movie knowledge BUT he can be gotten to in competition. If you can mess with his head, he’ll quit on himself in a match like he did against Bibbiani (DONT YOU CUT THAT LINE OUT, BIBBS!). This is an even match up in my opinion.

“BUT the X factor here is Roxy Striar. Her management of Sneider (and Marc Andreyko) has been nothing short of spectacular this year. She is the key to this whole thing. If she can calm Sneider down and keep him out of his head then he’ll upset Oyama. The Dungeon guys got no clue what a live event is like and might get thrown off by it themselves and not help Oyama when he needs it at a critical point in the match. My prediction is Sneider to win this thing for all the reasons I listed above, but also because I got a funny feeling that we have unfinished business in this league… and a date with destiny for that belt.” ~ John “The Outlaw” Rocha, Former 2x Singles Champion, Former Teams Champion, The Five Horsemen


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