Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with our next 1st Round match preview in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!

This #1 versus #16 matchup is another chapter in the ongoing battle between The Five Horsemen and KOrruption. So far, KOrruption has taken two matches over them and The Horsemen has zero. Will This Friday’s match finally earn them a win to inspire and rise against the dominators?

It’s top-seeded Mark “Yodi” Reilly versus 16th-seeded “Sassy” Stacy Howard!

Entering her fourth tournament in her career, Stacy Howard needs to show that she’s still a contender despite her ups and downs this season. It started with her rivalry matchup against her ex-stablemate Jeannine “The Machine,” but she ended up on the wrong side of one of Jeannine’s best matches. In need of inspiration, she partnered with Tim Franco as Crimson Fury, and won the day against Late to the Party. She followed that up with her improved singles performance at the Manager Bowl in Collision.

This Friday, Stacy Howard is looking to tip back to the winning side and defeat the veteran Reilly. Do not forget, this is the same Stacy Howard that shocked the world by upsetting Mark Ellis in the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament and annihilated almost every bracket prediction. Will that team win to fuel her drive to upset another legendary veteran and annihilate every bracket prediction again

That’s the Stacy Howard we need to see. If she appears more confident with her answers afer to her last two appearances, then a victory is very much possible. And it would be another stake into The Horsemen’s heart by KOrruption.

However, her opponent is not willing to have his stable slide further down to irrelevance.

Making his seventh tournament appearance, the winner of the original 2014 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament returns with two goals. The first is to take his second tournament victory and another shot at becoming the next 3-time Singles Champion. The second is to finally gain a much-needed win over KOrruption for The Five Horsemen. Individually, Mark Reilly went 1-1 in singles so far this season with a big win over Drew McWeeny and a narrow defeat to Jeff Sneider. With his only team appearance ending with a big loss in Chicago, Reilly needs to jumpstart his season by making a run for the title belt one more time.

Not only that, but after seeing his faction take two losses in Singles and Teams to KOrruption, he is determined to hand that faction their first defeat at the hands of The Horsemen when he faces Stacy. As one of the several veterans participating in this tournament, experience will be vital for Reilly to strategize carefully and to not burn out too quickly. However, the game has indeed changed over the last five years. For Reilly to be successful, he cannot underestimate Stacey’s potential to pull upsets in tournaments. It’s happened before. It can happen again.

In this next battle between KOrruption and The Horsemen, who will move on and face the winner of Meyer vs. Seibold in the 2nd Round? Stacy knows her movies and can pull upsets, but the drive to win has to be there. Otherwise, Reilly and his longstanding tournament experience will make him the favorite to advance.

Get ready for the next battle as we continue onwards in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!



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