ULTIMATE SCHMOEDOWN PREVIEW: Witney Seibold vs Brendan Meyer – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here previewing the first tournament matchup in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!

It has finally arrived, the original tournament that made the Schmoedown famous since 2014. Now, sixteen competitors of various backgrounds will compete, and the winner will challenge the Singles Champion at the main event in this year’s Schmoedown Spectacular!

For this 1st Round match, it’s a battle of vengeance and opportunity. The teammate who’s bitter after losing William Bibbiani versus the teammate who now calls William Bibbiani his partner. We open the tournament with this surprisingly personal matchup where anything can happen.

It’s 8th-seeded Witney “The Beauty” Seibold versus 9th-seeded Brendan “The Kid” Meyer, in the first of eight 1st Round matches in the Singles Tournament!

Before we jump in between these two competitors, here’s the backstory on how we got this showdown. Some weeks after Critically Acclaimed’s loss to The Shirewolves, the young rookie Brendan Meyer approached William Bibbiani about taking him in as his apprentice. It took some time for Bibbiani to consider it, but then he thought that “The Kid” looking up to him and Seibold and studying how they compete wouldn’t be a bad idea.

However, Witney Seibold did not see it in the same way as Bibbs. He was suspicious of “The Kid” every time he talked to Bibbiani, fearing that he would take “The Beast” away from “The Beauty.” One day, Witney confronted Bibbs about Meyer. Bibbs tried his best to win back Witney’s trust, saying that he likes “The Kid,” but he does not want the team to split up, and he wanted Meyer to form a stable. But when Bibbiani said that he liked “The Kid” it was the final straw for “The Beauty.” He told Bibbiani that they were done and broke up the partnership, leaving Bibbs heartbroken.

Soon, Seibold told “Tournament Commissioner” Robert Meyer Burnett that he wants to face Brendan Meyer and exact his revenge on him for “stealing” Bibbs away. Burnett accepted immediately, and now here we are with a 1st Round matchup in the Singles Tournament.

Making his first tourney appearance, Brendan Meyer is definitely surprised that his 1st Round opponent is Bibbs’s former partner. If anything, he did not intentionally want to be enemies with Witney. Unfortunately, he’s tasked with going against a player bent on revenge.

After already accomplishing plenty in his rookie season, Brendan now has a four-match path to the title shot. Standing in his way first is Witney Seibold. To advance onward, Brendan must not get distracted with the drama around Bibbiani. He cannot get stuck thinking about why Witney hates him now. Otherwise, it will an early exit for him from the tournament. He wants to make the most of the opportunity, but Seibold is on a mission.

To say that this is Witney’s revenge for the bitter break-up of Critically Acclaimed is an understatement. For this 1st Round matchup, Witney has a powerful purpose. He wants to exact vengeance to the fullest degree for what he believed was “theft” of Bibbiani by Meyer. This obsession will somehow only be half of what he needs to advance up.

The other half is that he needs to pick up the pace of practicing. That’s how he lost his singles debut to rookie David Del Rio. After that, it has been over half a year since Witney has had a chance to come back into the Singles Division and try again for his first victory. Witney cannot be blinded by vengeance. He has to focus on the details of the answers for deep cut questions. No doubt, he wants vengeance on Brendan, but a poor performance could set him way back.

Vengeance and opportunity are the themes in the tournament opener this week. A surprising twist of these themes, but one that will excitingly kick off the “Fall Tourneys” for the next three months ahead. While Seibold has the experience of a professional film critic, Meyer will be the favorite to upset based on how well he played this season.

Will he rise above “The Beauty?” Will Bibbiani see this matchup and be concerned? Find out as we kick off the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!



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