Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this Friday’s preview of our qualifying match for the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!

Most of the spots have already been chosen by “Tournament Commissioner” Robert Meyer Burnett, but he is letting this one go up for grabs between two 1-1 rookies. Both have done well this season but only one will earn the opportunity to compete for the singles title. The other will have his singles campaign end this season! It’s an exciting match that showcases some of the best of the new faces to enter the ring.

It’s Paul “The Powder Keg” Preston versus “Diamond” Dave Del Rio!

In his first year of the Schmoedown, Dave Del Rio made a huge splash in the Singles Division by spoiling Whitney Seibold’s singles debut earlier this year. Later he faced another great rookie in Liz Shannon Miller for the chance to play in the #1 Contender Match at the Schmoedown Collision. It was a close, scrappy battle where neither had the significant lead over the other, but in the end, Del Rio did not deliver the crucial answers in Round Three, giving Miller the spot in the #1 Contender match at Collision.

Now, he has one more chance at a path to the title belt and it starts with facing “The Powder Keg.” For this gifted actor and film enthusiast, this is potentially his final match this season. While he has the competitiveness necessary to make his battles very tight, he has to work on delivering in the crucial clutches to earn this win. If he can improve on those deep cuts and small details of the movies, he will be able to finally go over the top and face the long-standing stalwarts of this division at the tournament.

As for Paul Preston, the founder of The Movie Guys has been showcasing his movie might in just a short period of time. If there was an inspiration to find for him to improve their game, it had to be his first loss in Teams against Inky and The Brain. After that matchup he’s strived to do better and he showed it in his debut singles match against Rachel Silvestrini. With a strong victory over her, Preston then moved on and tried to propel himself to the highly-ranked contenders by challenging Lon Harris. It was a strong challenge against “The Professor,” where the two were neck-and-neck throughout the match. It all came down to the final question for him to answer and take his marquee win, but “paper” eluded him and Preston fell short to Harris who needed a critical win to make the Singles Tournament.

Many people in the Schmoedown community clamored for Paul to be in the tournament given how well he did against Lon, and Burnett is granting him one more shot at making the tournament. Just like Del Rio, Preston needs to also work on delivering the clutch answers to win a hotly-contested match. Don’t let his “bro” physique fool you, his movie knowledge is shown to be very in-depth thanks to his diverse background in the industry. If he can improve his final round play, he will have a chance to make it into the tournament. He has won over many new fans along with old ones from The Movie Guys, and the founder has a chance to enter the tourney and make a lot of noise.

Both of these 1-1 competitors are among the best of the rookies this season, just below Kevin Smets and Paul Oyama. What this match comes down to is who can deliver the final blow to advance into the tournament. This matchup on Friday will probably go all three rounds, and Paul Preston will be the slight favorite thanks to his background.

One will advance, and one will end his singles season right here. Who will make the cut? Find out this Friday in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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