THE SCHMOEDOWN TEAMS POWER INDEX: Who Are the Toughest Teams in the League?


At this point we are more than halfway through the 2019 season and the Shirewolves remain the champions of this division. That’s not to say there hasn’t been much of a change this year. Quite the contrary. Many assumed Who’s The Boss would have challenged for the title by now but in a surprising twist, it turned out to be the duo of Marc Andreyko and Jeff Sneider who dethroned the then-undefeated Shirewolves. Then Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe swiftly reclaimed the title in their rematch at Schmoedown Collision III.

Now, a new challenger, Korruption, awaits their chance to snag the team title as they are the current #1 contender. Adding drama to that bout, there’s the recent news that – win or lose – the Shirewolves will retire after their title match against Korruption.

Before we get to that point… now is a valuable time to release the first Teams division Power Index!

The purpose of the Power Index is to demonstrate how strong a team has been based in past performances. It does not take into account who their opponent may have been. The qualifications for this list require that they be listed in the current division rankings that the league uses as well as having competed in at least two matches. That means from the 17 teams currently ranked, four teams – The Time Machine, Crimson Fury, Loose Cannons, and Kinda Funny – were excluded from eligibility. 

How do we determine who the most dangerous teams in the game are? Using several statistical categories that we have been using to track the teams over their careers, a basic formula has developed to generate a Power Index (PI) Rating. This is by no means a perfect system but it is a start when trying to figure out how the current teams stack up against each other. In a game with so many variables it’s almost impossible to come up with a fair system for comparing, but let’s try anyway…

Here are the statistical categories that were used:

  1. Accuracy – Total correct answers divided by total questions (including steals)
  2. PPE% – Possible Points Earned; total points earned divided by the total possible points (including steals)
  3. Wins
  4. Win% – Win percentage; total wins divided by total matches
  5. KO/TKOs – Wins determined by a mathematical elimination scenario
  6. Steal%– Steal rate; total stolen questions divided by successful steal opportunities in round 2
  7. No. of Matches


PI Rating: 3.429

After defending the team title for the second time against Critically Acclaimed, Rachel Cushing and Clarke Wolfe became the second team to start 6-0. In their third title defense they lost to The Odd Couple, but at Schmoedown Collision III they won back the title and became the first team to win the title two different times. It’s been a long road and with 8 total matches they have played the 4th most matches in the history of the division. Now, with the announcement of their retirement match looming, will the Shirewolves put a definitive stamp on their historic run?

Shirewolves hold a top 3 ranking in 4 categories; Wins, Win%, Knockouts, No. of Matches.

2. WHO’S THE BOSS (4-2)

PI Rating: 3.714

Because Ben Bateman and Mark Reilly won the 2018 team tournament and narrowly lost to the Shirewolves at the Schmoedown Spectacular last year, many thought they would have another shot sooner than later. That hasn’t happened. Their plans were foiled by The Odd Couple at the live event in Chicago. They shouldn’t hang their head too low because despite being on the division’s back burner they are an exceptional team no one would dare take lightly.

Who’s The Boss holds a top 3 ranking in 4 categories; Accuracy, PPE% (no. 1), Wins, No. of Matches.


PI Rating: 4.143

Borne out of the 2018 Anarchy team tournament, Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison have been on a path to the title from the jump. While it was the duo of Who’s The Boss who denied them a shot at the belt in 2018, they are the current #1 contenders to next take on the Shirewolves for the division championship. Not even the Founding Fathers could stand in their way…

Korruption hold a top 3 ranking in 3 categories; Accuracy, Wins, Steal%.

4. THE FAMILY (3-0)

PI Rating: 4.429

Andrew Ghai and Drew McWeeny both have pasts involving former teammates leaving them for one reason or another. However, their pairing has proven fruitful so far in their short time together. While Ghai is brash and eccentric, McWeeny plays the role of the grizzled vet who just wants to win at any cost, and it’s served them well so far in 2019. This is a team quickly on the rise that has shown impressive play.

The Family hold the top ranked spot in 3 categories; PPE%, Win%, Steal%.


PI Rating: 4.714

Another team originating from the Anarchy tournament, the duo of Lon Harris and JTE haven’t spent much time together. But their limited amount of play has shown them to be dangerous. JTE is a former team champion and Lon Harris has proven himself one of the more knowledgeable players in the Schmoedown. Savvy knowhow of the game and vast knowledge points towards big things.

Evil Geniuses hold a top 3 ranking in 4 categories; Accuracy (no. 1), PPE%, Win% (no. 1), Knockouts.


PI Rating: 4.714

Dan Murrell and John Rocha are two of the all-time greats, as great as the game has ever seen. Unfortunately for them their time as teammates has been less than stellar. Both losses have come against Korruption. This is a team that has rarely put together a complete match. The promise of this all-star duo has begun to erode before our very eyes.

Founding Fathers hold a top 3 ranking in 1 category; Knockouts.


PI Rating: 5.286

Marc Andreyko and Jeff Sneider are an unlikely pair and that is, perhaps, why they work so well together. Earlier in the year The Odd Couple became the 6th different championship team and Sneider became the division’s first two time winner of the title as well as the first to capture the title with two different teams. Despite the accolades their level of play hasn’t quite measured up to the same standing. Shockingly, their accuracy and PPE% rank in the bottom 40% compared to the current eligible and active teams. But they got that chip and that’s all that matters.

The Odd Couple hold a top 3 ranking in 2 categories; Wins & Matches.

8. INKY & THE BRAIN (1-2)

PI Rating: 7.571

Two relative unknowns in Rachel Silvestrini and Devon Stewart have gained a reputation as tough competitors. Their strengths could pop up at any moment and turn a match on its head. While they may not have the highest accuracy rate, their propensity to earn points via steals ranks at the top.


PI Rating: 8.143

Alonso Duralde and Matt Atchity are a formidable foe that hasn’t quite taken it to the next level. Perhaps more time learning about the game will serve them best because the knowledge is clearly there.


PI Rating: 8.286

A couple surprising wins by Eliot Dewberry and Josh Macuga have made for some of the best moments. As a team known more for their antics than their trivia skills, they can occasionally bring the answers at the most surprising of times.


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