The 2019 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament Bracket is Here!


Schmoedown fans, rejoice! The Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament bracket has arrived, and it’s a mighty preview of the upcoming, Earth-shattering matches that await us in the rest of 2019.

This year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament will feature 16 competitors from throughout the league, from the legends you know and love to many of this year’s most promising rookies.

On the left side of the bracket, two-timechampion Mark Reilly from The Five Horsemen is set to take on Stacy Howard from KOrruption. Witney Seibold will do battle with Brendan Meyer, in a grudge match that follows the dramatic breakup of Seibold’s previous team, Critically Acclaimed. Lon Harris will wage war against Paul Preston, and Liz Shannon Miller will tackle either Mike Kalinowski, Ben Bateman or Jeff Sneider, depending on which of those competitors don’t make it to the title bout in New York at the end of August.

On the right side of the bracket, former Singles champ Ethan Erwin will go head-to-head with Haleigh Foutch in that same upcoming New York live event. William Bibbiani and Chance Ellison will duke it out at the upcoming Arizona live event. Two-time champ John Rocha will face-off with newcomer Rachel Silvestrini, and Jeannine the Machine will compete against either Mike Kalinowski, Ben Bateman or Jeff Sneider.

Once again, those bottom brackets slots are officially in flux right now. Ben Bateman is set to compete against Mike Kalinowski on Friday, August 23. The winner of that match will play the #1 contender Jeff Sneider for the right to play live in New York for the title against the current Singles champ Paul Oyama. Whoever faces off against Oyama will not compete in the Singles tournament and, win or lose, neither will Oyama himself.

Download and fill out the empty bracket below to make your predictions, and let’s see who (if anyone) can accurately predict every single match in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament! If it’s anything like last year, it’ll be full of shocks and surprises.

[UPDATE: This year’s Ultimate Schmoedown bracket submission guidelines will be announced after the two matches on the bracket that are yet to be determined are, officially, determined. Stay tuned!]


  1. Interesting that Murrell isn’t in it. I wonder if it’s that he’s just too busy like Del Rio, or does he have plans to bypass it with his FFA shot?

    • I’m guessing he’s either going to challenge for the Title in New York at the Live Event, or hold out until the Spectacular and challenge there.


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