Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the second part of our double-header of the week!

This match pits two teams, one who is ready to seize the opportunity to be in the Ultimate Schmoedown Teams Tournament, and a new team between a “Beast” and a “The Kid.” In this very special teams match, who will come out as the victor?

It’s Haleigh Foutch and Kalyn Corrigan of Scream Queens versus William Bibbiani and Brendan Meyer of SHAZAM!

This team-up of Bibbiani and Meyer is brand-new, but how was it created? It started right after both Bibbs and Seibold of Critically Acclaimed lost their title match against The Shirewolves. Brendan met William Bibbiani several times over this season, stating that he is his biggest fan and wanted to team up with him and Witney Seibold. It took some time, but “The Beast” warmed up to “The Kid,” seeing his potential and greatness if he joined the team.

However, Witney saw this differently. He was confused with what Brendan was doing with him and his partner and somehow saw this as a coup by “The Kid” to steal Bibbiani. He confronted his partner over this, and Bibbiani tried to reassured him that he is not splitting up and wants Brendan to see how they work together. Despite that explanation, Seibold did not see it that way and decided to split up with “The Beast.” He believed that Bibbiani is putting “The Kid” over “The Beauty,” and he rejoined with the legendary Marc Edward Heuck who he saw as a more committed teammate. It all finally led to William Bibbiani, heartbroken and desperate, offering Brendan Meyer a spot with him as a new team.

Although it was a tragedy to see Critically Acclaimed broken up after not many appearances, according to Chris Clark, what we witnessed is possibly the most unique team-up in the history of this division. What you have is a potentially perfect blend of historic films with current releases. This team-up on paper could surprise everyone in the most stacked division of the league this season. The question that needs to be answered is can they gel together and cooperate? The team chemistry between Bibbiani and Meyer will be revealed in this team matchup. If it goes well, then this could shake up the division. Will the youth and the experience be showcased unlike ever before with SHAZAM!?

As for the other team, Haleigh and Kalyn have been cruising along in this division with little-to-no fanfare during their time together. In their last matchup at the inaugural Schmoedown Throwdown, the two did very well in a close battle with The Odd Couple where the winner went to Chicago for a title shot. They had a rough start in Round One, they bounced back with New Releases in Round Two and got very close to punching their ticket to Chicago, only to barely lose to The Odd Couple.

Later on, Haleigh started her Singles career with her matchup against Eric Zipper in what is a surprising nominee for “Match of the Year.” Both Foutch and Zipper came to play for all three rounds, where it was all tied up going into Sudden Death. At that point, Foutch couldn’t get the answer and lost to Zipper in what was a very great first impression.

Now they are back, reunited as a team and taking those two matches as an inspiration to finally win big against a long-standing movie encyclopedia and one of the top rookies of this season. Both have to know that they’re tasked with taking down a formidable team-up. For the Scream Queens to earn another win and another step closer to the Teams Tournament, both Foutch and Corrigan must pull those deep details more successfully than their previous matches. That’s all that’s separating them from being part of the top teams of this division. Should they be clutch with those deep pulls, then a marquee win will be in their record books.

This is an exciting team match to cover the second part of our double-header. One team debuts with anticipation, and the other is ready to break into the top echelon. While Scream Queens are more experienced together as a team, SHAZAM! will be the favorites to surprise us all. “The Kid” and “The Beast” have been fan-favorites so far, so will they work together well to impress us all or will the Scream Queens take that much-needed marquee win? Find out in this week’s double-header of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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