SINGLES PREVIEW: Rachel Silvestrini vs. Paul Preston – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this week’s singles match preview! These two have faced before, earlier in April, and now they face one-on-one. It’s another match of debuts in this division, where one will earn a foothold in the singles rankings and a step closer to qualifying for this year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament. And the other… won’t.

It’s Rachel Silvestrini vs. Paul Preston!

For anyone who missed it, these two competed against each other earlier this year in a team match, where Rachel was part of Inky and The Brain and Paul was a part of The Movie Guys. That matchup was a surprisingly thrilling spectacle where both teams played brilliantly through all three rounds. The result was Rachel and her partner Devon winning the match by a single point. Now, this Friday, they meet again with the hope of making the cut in the Schmoedown Singles Division.

Who will be the one to win this unofficial rematch?

After his Free 4 All appearance and his teams appearance this season, Paul Preston has proven he knows how to play the game well. With a very diverse background in the movie industry, recalling movie trivia is apparently not a problem for him. He is potentially a threatening competitor with the ability to go far.

For his singles debut, he will be facing Rachel Silvestrini again. The advantage for him is that he does not need to worry about understanding his opponent; he’s already familiar with her since that team match. His understanding of the game is also impressive for a rookie, and if he can finally nail the details that are required in the final round questions then he could finally earn his first ever Schmoedown win.

As for Rachel Silvestrini, this is the ultimate stage for her to showcase her movie trivia might after being part of the league for almost a year. She spent most of her time in the Teams Division, and now she finally gets her own moment to shine in Singles. Since joining the community during the Schmoedown’s appearance at Wondercon back in 2017, she has been waiting for this very moment. Just like with Paul, Rachel doesn’t need to study her opponent because she faced him before. Her familiarity with Preston will help her with the game.

Who has the edge? It may come down to the second round, where someone like Rachel Silvestrini has very specific expertise in categories like Disney. If the wheel favors her, and gives her a category in her wheelhouse, she could dominate Paul Preston and pull out a solid win. If not, the game could be a toss-up, and come down to simple, raw, knowledge.

After their impressive team matchup, they meet once again in singles competition to see if they can go the distance again. While Paul has the deeper movie background, Rachel will still be the favorite to win this Friday. These two are set to show their might, and to show that they can be part of the chase for the singles title!

Who will take that next step? Find out this Friday in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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