Welcome to a brand new TriviaSD column, SCHMOEDOWN MASTERPIECES. Over the course of six years the Movie Trivia Schmoedown has seen many historic matches, and in this column, we will be breaking down our old favorites.

And to me, there was no better way to start than with my all-time favorite Schmoedown match: the first time Top 10 faced off against Team Action!

It would be a shame if I didn’t begin with the hype leading up to this match. Team Action (R.I.P.) were the young new heels, who seemed to be on an unstoppable tear through the tournament. They beat Deep Cuts and got a TKO against Team Trek, but this match was different. Up until this point they were playing teams they had no respect for, but remember, Team Action had respect for John Rocha and Top 10. They were even a part of Rocha’s entrance for the triple-threat match at Collider Collision, back when Rocha was still a heel. So this match was different for Ghai and Bateman.

As for Rocha and Knost, they were determined to get their titles back, and now that they were reformed faces, they were ready to take out any and all heels in the league. Team Action were two of the biggest new ones. Their fire was only fueled by the Action boys calling out Top 10 for being old news who should have retired by this point, and how this “reformation” had made them embarrassments to the league. According to Ghai, “You used to be Los Pollos Hermanos, now you’re El Pollo Loco.”

The two teams were ready to face off against each other, and it was going to be a sight to see.

The second the teams came out, you knew what kind of a match it was going to be. They were booing Team Action, cheering for Top 10, and then… the match was over.

You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. See, Team Action revealed that they had a “special surprise” for The Outlaw, and it cut to a message to Rocha from X-Pac, talking about how Rocha was an embarrassment to heels everywhere. You can tell from that how much it shook Rocha, even though he tried to play it off like it was nothing. And then the trivia portion of the competition began.

Now, with this particular article, I’m not going to do full play-by-play coverage. Basically, Team Action beat Top 10 in the third round of the game, and advanced to face Above the Line in the Ultimate Schmoedown finals. I didn’t want this article to simply recap the match, I wanted it to be about why it’s my favorite match of all time, and it has to do with all the elements I was talking about earlier.

This is the match that officially got me interested in storylines. When I was starting out with the Schmoedown, throughout Season 3 and most of Season 4, I skipped the storyline portions. I cared a lot less about who was playing, and more about the trivia aspects of the game. But with this match, it was kind of impossible to skip the storyline elements, since there was trash-talk between almost every question, so at a certain point in the video, I just decided to start the match over and suffer through the storyline.

By the end of the match, I was going back to other matches to see all the storyline stuff I had missed.

After this match, I couldn’t believe that I had never stopped to watch the storylines unfold. I thought that because I wasn’t a wrestling fan they wouldn’t appeal to me, but I was so wrong. I became an active follower of all things storyline, whether it was Thadd as the commissioner, Jay Washington trying to recruit for the Missfits, or something new that was being set up.

Whatever it was, I wanted to know about it, and it was because of this match that made that happen. So to people who may not want to watch storylines because they think they “aren’t for them,” give it a shot for one match. Like this match. It’s because of the storylines that I started writing for this website, and it’s because of storylines that Top 10 vs Team Action I is a masterpiece in the Schmoedown.

What are some other matches you’d like to see covered in this column? Leave a comment with some suggestions!



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