NEW YORK LIVE PREVIEW: Haleigh Foutch vs. Ethan Erwin – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview of the undercard match in New York City! Once again, we return to the city where “The Magic Season” began. This time, we move from the good vibes of Brooklyn upstate to the grandeur of Manhattan.

Here, two singles matches of high caliber will take place. For Part 1 of 2, we will take a look at the live 1st Round tournament match. Last year’s Ultimate Schmoedown winner returns to a familiar place to go, and a new potential seeks to surprise everyone and build her superstardom. In Manhattan, who will move up?

It’s 2nd-seeded Ethan “Big Time” Erwin versus 15th-seeded Haleigh Foutch in this 1st Round matchup in the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament!

Haleigh Foutch wants to make the most of her second tournament appearance after playing alongside Eric Zipper in the Anarchy Tournament last year. While her performances with Scream Queens have been solid, many were anticipating her move into Singles. That debut happened earlier this season against her ex-Anarchy teammate Zipper, where both played their very best in all three rounds. That match went to Sudden Death, but Haleigh lost in the first question. The match showed that her potential to do great things in the Singles Division is very high, and many are now looking forward to seeing how she will do against a top contender.

Against Ethan in Manhattan, Haleigh will need to bring her best game because this is her very first test in Singles against a storied Singles contender. With the audience watching, she will need to keep focused to potentially pull an upset. Ethan Erwin is not a play with many weaknesses, so to stay competitive she can’t afford lose a single point to live audience jitters (which can affect anybody). This is a moment she has waited for. Now she just needs to capitalize on it.

Meanwhile, Ethan Erwin is returning to New York for his third tournament appearance. For last year’s Ultimate Schmoedown Singles winner, he is ready to charge through each stage of the tourney again and get his next title shot at Spectacular to become a two-time Singles Champion. After losing the Triple Threat #1 Contender match to William Bibbiani, he has been waiting for the moment he can return and get another chance for the title.

This Saturday night, Ethan needs to prove that he’s still a consistent player and pull those deep cuts. If he wants to march through this tournamen, he needs to be careful with the details. While he will give another stellar performance, no doubt about it, and it will come down to those crucial questions where his own knowledge of tiny details, or lack thereof, can determine his victory… or defeat.

Against a rising star in Haleigh, he needs to remain in control and not let the enthusiasm of the crowd, many of whom will be cheering for him to put in another stellar performance, turn him cocky. Haleigh may be a new singles player with only a defeat under her belt, but underestimating her would be a huge mistake that could prove costly if the wheel turns her way, and Ethan falls prey to any troublesome, nitpicky questions. He has shown so far that it was the details and not the “Sophomore Slump” that kept him from winning that title shot earlier this season, so now he just has to climb back up and prove he’s still the ”Big Time.”

This undercard match is an exciting one to open our second New York event. Between a battle-tested veteran and a promising rookie we should get some edge-of-your-seat intensity through all three rounds. Haliegh has the very real potential to upset, but Ethan is still be the favorite to advance to the 2nd Round of the Ultimate Schmoedwn Singles Tournament.

It’s their time to shine in the bright lights of New York City, and we will be there to see it live!


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