MACHINE MONDAYS: Revenge of the Nerds!


So it would seem that season 6 is not only the “Magic Season,” But the season of Innergeekdom! Most of this season’s break out rookies come from this division and have made for some interesting matches, new rivalries and promising story potential. Not to mention the caliber of preparation amongst these competitors is on another level.

With IG’s very specific range of films, competitors have been able to take advantage of the limit and carve out detailed study regimens, making competition fierce and intense. I am loving this division, finding it very special in the fact that since there are only so many films to pull from, there’s a stretch to find more detailed questions. This makes the challenge of competing in it that much more complex and exciting to watch. There’s also the potential for some obscure films and minute details that can really show an IG competitor’s skill. 

I, for one, am having a blast watching the rising stars of this season. Who do I have my eye on? Firstly, Kevin “The Smasher” Smets. He dominated so quickly and is already number 2 in the division! His manager Kaiser is so fun to watch and he’s got some strong support in the Dungeon. He’s notorious for his IG themed hoodies, intense stare downs and vigorous prep in the “trivia dungeon.” His match against Kalinowski during Collision was one of the most anticipated of the season thus far and with a stellar comeback from defeat in San Diego, a more focused, stronger Smasher has emerged! Combine that with his trivia comprehension and he’s dangerous! I definitely see championship gold in his future.

Then there’s Brandon “The Hitman” Hanna. He’s gone from Ben Bateman’s intern, to part of the Schmoedown production crew, to a promising IG competitor, taking out three players in his debut fatal 4-way match! He’s embracing the spotlight with some wisecracking personality and an impressive range of knowledge. As a competitor who started as a fan and continues to be one, I personally feel like there’s a drive to prove your worth and to be the kind of competitor you love watching. I recognize that drive in Brandon and I can’t wait to see who’s name gets crossed off his “Hit List” next! 

Chandru “The Chosen” Dhandapani is also one to watch, holding his own and showing an impressive handle on all things geek! Also, you know I’m all for ladies shining bright in the Schmoedown and Emily “The Rose” Jacobson is no exception! With a slow but steady start, I hope to see her do some big things in IG. 

With Mike fighting his way back to the IG belt and a fierce determination to defend it, on top of the return of Mara Knopic shaking things up, the Innergeekdom league is in for some exciting developments. I am thoroughly impressed with the talent I’ve seen so far and am eager to see how these studious and steadfast rookies take on what’s ahead in this division!

~ Machine


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