INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: David Moore vs. Chandru Dhandapani vs. War Father – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview of the special Triple Threat match in the Innergeekdom Division!

It’s a trio of new players, two who already made their debut and a giant who needs to prove his geeky might to Innergeekdom Commissioner Emma Fyffe. While everything at the top of this division gets sorted out, the rest of the IG players are facing off to graduate to that upper echelon.

It’s Chandru Dhandapani vs. David Moore vs. The War Father!

After being Kevin Smets’s first victim, David Moore returns for his second Innergeekdom appearance. After some time off he probably wants to earn his first win very badly. Being TKO’ed by Smets really hit him hard. He showed in the first round of that match that he can hang with very knowledgeable players, but will he prep even more to get over the hump? Against Chandru and the new War Father, Moore needs to be much more prepared to take on Rounds Two and Three, where the questions can get deep and he cannot afford to whiff them. If he can take what he learned from his first loss, he will make this matchup great.

As for the other new Innergeekdom star, Chandru has already shined brightly with his skills. Despite losing to fellow rookie Brandon Hanna, Chandru showed that he’s an exciting player after a solid debut, and he’s looking forward to his next matchup. That’ this week’s Triple Threat match! For this one, he will be against a player who needs to improve and an unknown. That unknown will be the challenge for Chandru. He knows his own Innergeekdom knowledge, but can he remain confident with the towering giant competing alongside him and Moore? That is what we need to know for this week’s matchup.

As for the new giant in town, the one who calls himself War Father, he’s throwing his battle helmet into the Schmoedown ring. Approaching the Innergeekdom Commissioner Emma Fyffe directly, he says he wants to join in on the action that’s happening in the Innergeekdom Division. With friendly agreements between the two – and apparently Burnett – he will compete as the third person in this week’s matchup. As of this writing, we have no idea of how well-versed War Father is with the Innergeekdom knowledge, only that he is friendly and excited to compete. However, since he’s facing competitors with experience like Chandru and Moore, it will be interesting to see how he can keep up. If this first impression goes well, then this division will have a welcome new addition.

This Triple Threat Match of new faces is a must-see for those who want to know which new competitors will join in on the latest race for the title shot. War Father is an unknown, so Chandru Dhandapani will be the favorite to win.

As the Innergeekdom Division grows in interesting ways, which one will move on up? Find out in this special Innergeekdom matchup!



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