INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: Chandru Dhandapani vs. Jared Haibon – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the Innergeekdom match-up of the week!

A long-time fan favorite returns after a year off to make a huge splash, and a new fan-favorite continues his march to the top of the Innergeekdom Rankings. The winner here will face Brandon Hanna, so who is determined to face the “Hitman” in the chase for Kalinowski’s IG title?

It’s Chandru “The Chosen One” Dhandapani versus “Too Smooth” Jared Haibon!

Last season, his last match was supposed to be against Rosie “The Dark” Knight as he challenged her to a singles match. That did not come to fruition due to various circumstances, which left him on the sidelines for nearly a year… until now. This week, the fan-favorite from “The Bachelor” fame makes his long-awaited return to the Schmoedown ring.

Don’t let his slick style deceive you, it’s backed up with an impressive knowledge of geeky movies; and he proved it last season by defeating all his competitors in a fatal-five way by TKO. He would go on to unfortunately lose his next two Innergeekdom matches, to Mark Donica and the newly-revigorated Mike Kalinowski, that second match by a brutal knockout. This week, he returns to Innergeekdom play and is poised to chase after Mike Kalinowski for both revenge and the title.

If there is one huge concern regarding Haibon’s return, it’s that he is returning at a time where the level of competition in this division has changed. It’s a time where those with deep knowledge bases and studious methods of preparation have greater success over anyone who doesn’t. Haibon will be jumping into a more difficult division, so he has to keep up with the current trends or it could be a wash out.

As for his competitor, Chandru, his two matches so far in Innergeekdom have been very solid. With a more upbeat personality, he has quickly become a favorite for many fans. After losing to Hanna, Chandru stepped up to the plate in the triple threat match against David Moore and War Father. It was a close battle between him and the unknown that was War Father, but in the end Chandru won with a question to spare in the third round to move up in the rankings.

This week, Chandru will return back to the ring after a few weeks to continue his chase for Kalinowski’s title. The opponent he’ll face is one that has not seen competition for nearly a year, but that does not mean that it will be a simple win for “The Chosen One.” To ensure that he can win this matchup, he needs to anticipate the unexpected. That could include Haibon going on a run of correct answers, Chandru hitting on a weakness of his, and many other possibilities.

If he can be aware and adjust on the fly to any possible circumstance, rather than rely on just one strategy, then he should be fine. I say this because we have seen before that matches that look simple and clear are not. They can lead to unexpected turns, which lead to surprising upsets. Chandru needs to have a plan to anticipate the surprise so he can get his rematch against Brandon Hanna.

The Innergeekdom Division heats up as the chase for Kalinowski’s title intensifies. Both Chandru and Jared Haibon are determined to get closer to a title shot. The biggest concern is can Jared be back on his best where the game has been changed? Chandru will be the favorite due to recency bias, but it could be anyone’s game if Jared has been staying current with the league.

Find out this upcoming week if Jared’s return will be triumphant against Chandru in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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