INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: Brandon Hanna vs. Emily Jacobson – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to a huge double-header of the week as the Ultimate Schmoedown Tournaments get ever closer!

This double-header features two matches with up-comers that have the potential to be very unique and amazing. The first is an Innergeekdom matchup, a battle between two rookies that already made successful debuts, now facing off to remain undefeated at 2-0. Between a well-known geeky personality from Hyper RPG and a longtime fan from the Action Army, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

It’s Brandon “Hitman” Hanna versus Emily “The Rose” Jacobson!

Following her fellow co-worker and partner Adam Hlavac to the Schmoedown, Emily Jacobson entered Innergeekdom as one of the division’s new, cheerful personalities alongside Chandru, War Father, and David Moore. Her debut match was a battle against Winston Marshall, who was coming off of the bitter break-up of World’s Finest. Their match was somewhat a low-scoring affair, with both only getting a few questions right. Whether it was the lights or the difficulty, it was not the ideal way to start out in a division that is filled with high-scoring contenders. In the end, Emily was able to clutch up and make the most of her Star Wars category in Round Two, to take the match over Winston by TKO.

Going up against Hanna in her second match Emily will have to step up her game, because her opponent won’t go down easily. If it was the lights and atmosphere that got to Emily in her debut, she’ll need to learn from that experience and get in the proper mindset for her second match in Innergeekdom. Otherwise, it will come down to baseline knowledge, either from experience or training, to compensate. Overall, Emily Jacobson simply has to do better than in her debut because IG opponents frequently score high numbers. Her opponent already has.

Coming up from the ranks of the Action Army, Brandon Hanna debuted in a Fatal Four-Way against Chandru Dhandapani, Chance Ellison, and Keetin Marchi. It was an intensive competition where the lead was shared between three of the four competitors: Ellison, Dhandapani, and Hanna. They were the stars of the matchup, where Hanna inched up by little to take his debut win. Now in his first-ever one-on-one Schmoedown match, “The Hitman” has the opportunity to carve his own path into Schmoedown history. His skills and knowledge are amazing, especially since he came from the fan community of the Schmoedown, and his persona makes him one of the newest stars of the IG division.

Against Emily Jacobson, Brandon has to be careful to not let her take any opportunities from him. As much as he can boast that he will strike down everyone on his hit list, his confidence could take this match and throw it into a disastrous turn. The clarity and mindfulness that helped him on his first win will be the necessary ingredients for Brandon to take that next win. He may have won in his debut, but as we have seen before, that’s not always a guaranteed set-up for success. As long as “The Hitman” commits to going back to work, and working hard, he will help this division grow.

That’s the full picture of this upcoming matchup between two 1-0 competitors. Only one will emerge 2-0 and be included in the latest hunt for Mike Kalinowski’s Innergeekdom title, alongside Chandru, Kevin Smets, Rachel Cushing, and the returning Mara Knopic. All of them vying for a shot at the IG title in the biggest “Grand Showcase” ever built this December. Between these two, Brandon will be the favorite after his relatively more impressive debut match, but anything can happen.

Find out who will move on at 2-0 in this special double-header of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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