GET YOUR PREDICTIONS READY: It’s the Final 2019 Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Bracket!


Fans of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown can finally breathe a sigh of relief today. The final version of the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles bracket has arrived, with all the questions finally answered, and all the matches officially set in stone.

The brackets were originally released on August 19, but with two major matches yet to be played – between Ben Bateman and Mike Kalinowski, with the victor of that match facing Jeff Sneider in a #1 Contender’s battle, leading up to the Championship against Paul Oyama – it was unclear which two of those four contenders would be playing in the tournament, and which would be playing for the title and, possibly, defending it from the tournament finalist at the end of the year.


Mike Kalinowski won the match against Bateman, only to lose his battle against Jeff Sneider. So we can finally – finally – confirm that Kalinowski and Bateman will be playing in the tournament, and Jeff Sneider and Paul Oyama will not, no matter who wins or loses in the upcoming live event.

With the bracket now complete, we can see that Ben Bateman will be duking it out with rookie sensation Liz Shannon Miller in the first round of the Ultimate Schmoedown, and Mike Kalinowski will have what we can only imagine will be a heated rematch with Jeannine the Machine.

So download the brackets, make your predictions, and let us know who YOU think will emerge victorious at the end of the Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Tournament! And head on over to our Schedule page to see who’s playing who, and when, in the month of September!


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