WINNERSPACE: CHAPTER 2 – What Will Happen to the Free-For-All Prizes Now?


It’s been 5 months since this year’s Free-For-All, but Dan Murrell and William Bibbiani’s prizes from the event still remain unused. And after Robert Meyer Burnett’s announcement that those prizes will remain in play until next year’s FFA, it means that the two players have the time to be strategic, rather than race to use them as soon as possible.

However, with Murrell losing both his singles title and his #1 contender match against Korruption, and with Bibbiani rebuilding with a new teammate, it seems as though the prizes have the potential to not just win them belts, but to completely shake up the game as we know it.

So now, months after receiving these rewards, let’s take a look at how the two former champs could use their prizes, and how it could affect the Schmoedown going forward.


It’s been a bit of a rocky season for The Beast. While he broke the singles scoring record, he’s also lost both his title matches and his partner Witney Seibold (R.I.P. Critically Acclaimed). However, it seems as though he is rebuilding with Brendan “The Kid” Meyer, and if it is decreed by Burnett, he will likely be in both the singles and teams tournaments.

However, he may want to try and bypass one of those tournaments to make a run at a belt. If I were to guess, it would likely be the singles belt, with the number of players vying for the title shot whittling down. We all know how well he did in the last #1 contender triple-threat match, who’s to say he wouldn’t want to do that again?

The idea of Bibbiani and Meyer jumping straight to a #1 contender match is also possible, but unlikely. Their first matchup (which will very likely be against the Self-Righteous Brothers) would be a match to see how well the two work together. If it ends up being an incredible partnership, maybe the two will jump ahead, but it seems far less likely than a singles run.


Murrell is a bit more of a toss-up, especially after coming off of two big losses this week. Oyama has the singles belt, and it will be Korruption who faces The Shirewolves, not The Founding Fathers.

This puts Murrell in the position of having to choose which belt he wants to go for. Let’s discuss the teams first: Korruption seems to be the weakness of the Founding Fathers, so if Korruption winds up dethroning the Shirewolves, it could be more sensible for Murrell to go for the singles. However, if Cushing and Wolfe defend, it may be fun for Murrell and Rocha to go up against a team they’ve never faced before.

But let’s discuss the singles belt, which seems like the more likely option for Murrell at this point. I want to paint a picture for you: it’s the New York Live Event. The winner of this three-way gauntlet is playing Oyama. Either way, the champ is decided. And then out comes Murrell, there to reclaim his title once again in New York, just like he did at the beginning of the season.

Tell me you wouldn’t want that.

What do you think about the Free-For-All prizes? Will they be used at all this season? Leave a comment with your speculation.


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