TEAMS PREVIEW: The Founding Fathers vs. KOrruption II – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to the long-awaited rematch in the Schmoedown Teams Division. For the first time since their epic 2nd Round bout at last year’s Anarchy Tournament, which ended in controversy, two teams are facing off for a title shot against The Shirewolves. Will the superteam of established Schmoedown legends redeem and even the odds, or will a new superpower affirm their superiority over their opponents?

It’s Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison of KOrruption versus John Rocha and Dan Murrell of Founding Fathers in the rematch for the #1 Contender spot!

First, a recap for those who have not seen the Anarchy Tournament. In a tourney designed by Mike Kalinowski himself, he and his new partner Chance faced what many thought was the most powerful superteam: Rocha and Murrell. Through all three rounds, they went the distance with correct answers stacked left and right. We saw in those rounds that KOrruption was a team worthy of standing on equal ground with the Founding Fathers.

Then, Sudden Death happened.

In one of the most memorable moments of controversy, Dan Murrell could not write the answer “David O. Russell” in time. He said the answer, and that gave KOrruption the win as both members wrote it down. Chance, however, wrote his answer down as “David O’Russell,” and what followed was a challenge by Rocha claiming that they should get the additional point because Murrell said the correct answer, and it also gave time for the judges to review Chance’s questionable spelling.

In the end, the ruling stood because Murrell needed to write the answer down in time to validate the point, and that Chance’s phonetic accuracy was enough to be counted as correct. That left us with a fuming John Rocha, haunted by his previous controversial loss to The Patriots earlier, going off on the microphone in one of the most memorable post-game speeches in league history. After Murrell calmed Rocha down, they decided to stay together as a team and move on to their respective Singles paths for the remainder of that season.

Fast forward to this season, where right after knocking out The Wildberries, Rocha and Murrell announced that they wanted to redeem that controversial loss to KOrruption with a rematch. Teams and Innergeekdom Commissioner Emma Fyffe agreed, but only if they won their next match in Houston against Double Toasted. They agreed and went down to Houston, Texas where Rocha and Murrell proceeded to knock out Double Toasted on their home turf. They got their rematch, and in addition, the winner of this new match will get a huge reward: a match against Clarke Wolfe and Rachel Cushing, The Shirewolves, for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Team Championship.

Rocha and Murrell asked for it. Now they’ve got it. For Dan Murrell, he is one step closer to becoming the next double-belt champion. For John Rocha, he is absolutely determined to redeem that bitter loss and ensure that the match ends on the final question, not on another controversial ruling. There will be lots of pent-up emotion for this superteam to ride on in this week’s team matchup. To get the win over KOrruption, it come down to their teamwork. Specifically, Dan Murrell must stay in control and help modulate John Rocha’s emotions. He needs to keep Rocha focused on the questions and this match, not on tricky calls or smacktalk or their history with KOrruption. Any thought of “O. Russell” could derail their mission to get the team belts.

Will The Founding Fathers prevail and equalize with the rematch? KOrruption doesn’t think so.

Mike Kalinowski and Chance Ellison are confident that they have their opponents’ numbers. In that Anarchy 2nd Round matchup, KOrruption was able to match with Founding Fathers point-for-point. For this rematch, this wants needs prove once and for all that they are superior to Founding Fathers. In their eyes, Rocha and Murrell are washed-up veterans. Kalinowski sees this, especially now that he’s going for all three main championships: Teams, Singles, and Innergeekdom. What started in a singles victory over Jeannine, Kalinowski seeks to continue with this victory on his road to become the first-ever triple-belt champion.

KOrruption have proven their mettle against World’s Finest, and they should have the skill necessary to go the distance once more. However, Kalinowski and Ellison cannot underestimate Founding Fathers. Their opponents will be going in with huge chips on their shoulders. As long as they focus on treating this like every other team match, and as long as the wheel is on their side, KOrruption will make this battle fierce.

This is the rematch everyone wanted to see: fierce, competitively and emotionally. What happened with the “O. Russell” debacle will be circling above this teams match. We can expect it to be close, we can expect it to be intense, but Founding Fathers will be the slightest favorites to win their first title shot as a team. They’re on a hot streak this season, with Dan Murrell once again holding the title, and Rocha finally having reassembled his Horsemen, and ready to ride.

Regardless, this is one long-awaited rematch that you cannot miss. Will Rocha and Murrell redeem, or will Kalinowski and Ellison repeat? We will find out this week in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!


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