TEAMS PREVIEW: The Family vs. Only Stupid Answers – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this teams preview after a thrilling night at San Diego!

In his first attempt to use his newfound powers to aid his faction, Robert Meyer Burnett is gifting his team a seemingly simple match. It’s against a team that we have not seen in a while, but will it be an easy “W” or the competitors rise up to the challenge?

It’s Andrew Ghai and Drew McWeeny of The Family versus Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge of Only Stupid Answers!

To set this up: one day Ghai and McWeeny came into Burnett’s “office” to talk about when they will face The Evil Geniuses of JTE and Lon Harris. Burnett said that he had a better idea. Instead, he’s giving them what seems like essentially a squash match against Only Stupid Answers. it’s the first act by Burnett to “cheat the system” for his beloved faction (that we know of).

This matchup will definitely be out of DJ and Sam’s league. In their 1-2 record, they were able to defeat the Wildberries but suffered losses against Critically Acclaimed and Scream Queens. Winning may be more than they can handle. They are very competent with their knowledge, but against two higher-tiered competitors it will take a lot more. To earn the upset, they have to keep pace with The Family and don’t let their intimidating appearance shake their mentalities. And even then they’d better have been studying heavily for the last few months.

While it is always good to see them again, Only Stupid Answers is about to run into a buzzsaw.

That buzzsaw, The Family, is looking at this as an easy win to pad their record. Andrew Ghai and Drew McWeeny were confused that they facing these two. However, with some convincing by their manager, they are excited to annihilate Only Stupid Answers and show all the teams in the upcoming Ultimate Schmoedown Teams Tournament that they are not joking around.

This is essentially a tune-up game for Ghai and McWeeny to prepare for the tourney and whatever benefits Burnett will give to them as “Tournament Commissioner,” but they can’t get complacent. Andrew Ghai knows better than anyone else that serious upsets can happen in the Schmoedown if experienced competitors let their guards down. Will The Family take advantage of this opportunity, or will the excitement of getting control of the league for this month get the very best of them, and leave them open to a surprise victory from Only Stupid Answers?

As I said before, this is pretty much a squash match to extend The Family’s influence on this league. I personally like the personalities that DJ and Sam have brought to the Schmoedown since 2017, but they are coming in at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Ghai and McWeeny will be the outright favorites this coming week. If anything goes wrong for The Family, it will admittedly be funny to see their start of influencing the Schmoedown go flat. This squishy opportunity is one that the trio cannot afford to let it go by as the tournaments draw nearer in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown!



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