SCHMOEDOWN LIVE PREVIEW: Kevin Smets vs. Adam Hlavac – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the first part of this two-part preview to this weekend’s live event at San Diego Comic Con!

It’s a night that showcases the very best of the Innergeekdom Division, and a love letter to why we geek out over special movies and movie franchises like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Back to the Future; plus many Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Comic Book adaptations!

This weekend sees two Innergeekdom matches, each pitting the very best against the very best of this division. For this of the preview, we’ll take a look at the stacked undercard match and preview what is to come. The top Innergeekdom rookie returns back into competition immediately after his first ever defeat to Kalinowski, while another top Innergeekdom contender continues his climb to the next championship opportunity.

It’s Kevin “The Smasher” Smets versus Adam “The Haymaker” Hlavac!

Brand new Innergeekdom contenders Chandru and Brandon Hanna may be stealing the spotlight, but there is one player who has been a longstanding, serious contender in this division for more than a year: Adam Hlavac. Between last season and this season, Adam emerged as an elite competitor of this division, right alongside Rachel Cushing and Mike Kalinowski.

That was long before the arrival of Kevin Smets. As the game changed, Adam adapted very well and did what he needed to do to be successful. It was evident from his victory over former Innergeekdom Champion and fellow friend Hector Navarro last season. Despite losing to eventual Innergeekdom Champion Rachel Cushing at the start of Season 6, Hlavac bounced back with his close-cut victory over Eric Zipper. Now, Hlavac is more than ready to be in the next title opportunity by facing the force that is Smets at Comic Con.

To win, Hlavac will need to keep neck-and-neck with Smets and make it to Round 3. His opponent has only been forced to answer his Round 3 questions one time, in the contender’s match he lost against Mike Kalinowski. If Hlavac can stay in the game long enough to get Smets into a high-pressure situation, in front of a live crowd, with randomized questions that are more difficult and worth more points, he might be able to replicate Kalinowski’s victory over the promising rookie.

Unless, of course, Smets has been preparing for that. And he seems ready to return to action.

After making an intimidating name for himself in this division, with three straight knockouts just to start, Kevin Smets faced his greatest challenge in Mike Kalinowski at Schmoedown Collision. He had his opportunity to face Rachel with his final question, but made his first ever mistake with a close, but inaccurate answer. That led to his first-ever loss in the Schmoedown. After that, he stated that he felt hurt for missing an answer he had in his mind. However, he said that he will use it to help him improve and come back soon.

True to his word, Smets and his manager Kaiser have stated on social media that they are back at work in “The Trivia Dungeon” with the pure dedication to train even more now that they have experienced a loss. Smets’s next match is inevitable, and now he has another opportunity to show that he’s not giving up. He is excited that he’s still going to San Diego. In this space of geekiness that he loves to call home, he has the chance to showcase live in front of the world his might and his redemption.

Just like The Shirewolves in their rematch at Collision, Kevin Smets will face a decision: should he keep going as-is or change it up? Whatever he and his manager Kaiser have worked on since that loss is crucial. If there’s something Smets needs to work on, it’s those final round questions. Smets needs to know that he can take his time and use his repeats when necessary. He needs to be ready for the intensity that comes with a close match, and keep a clear head when the adrenaline strikes. Should Smets win, he will signal to everyone in this division that he’s not lying down after his first ever loss.

There is no doubt that this undercard match is a stacked one. While Rachel and Mike duke it out for the title, Kevin and Adam will go toe-to-toe for the next opportunity. Adam will probably make this a true fight like Mike did, but Kevin is still the slight favorite to come back into the victory column, in front of a live crowd and the world.

Who wants it more? That will be answered this Saturday at San Diego Comic Con!



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