Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview to arguably one of the biggest main events ever staged in a live event!

In the middle of San Diego Comic Con, the most popular geek convention in the world, two of the very best Triple Threat Competitors compete for the third time in the Innergeekdom Division. A championship rematch, and the Innergeekdom trilogy match that on paper looks to be the most exciting trilogy match of all time. The champion prepares to defend her title once again, while the challenger is riding his momentum to face his longtime rival and finally win back the title. It’s a battle that is truly befitting of Comic Con!

It’s Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing versus Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski for the Innergeekdom Championship!

Here’s a recap to their previous two bouts, both of which were brilliant on their own. Their first Innergeekdom match took place on August 1, 2017. At that time, both Mike Kalinowski and Rachel Cushing were at the time new contenders that broke out in this division. It was a match that everyone said must happen. It was an exciting first match where both, in costumes, showed their potential. That ended with Cushing winning despite a surging comeback in the final round by Kalinowski.

Their second bout, which took place on a live broadcast around the world, was nothing short of amazing. Mike Kalinowski, who had taken the Innergeekdom title from the now-retired Mara Knopic, was defending his title against Rachel Cushing (who earned the title shot after win over Adam Hlavac). In their second match, Kalinowski and Cushing gave their best ever performances in this division through all five rounds. Rachel started brilliantly, but Kalinowski came back in the latter rounds to where we were all tied up. The match went into Sudden Death. One Sudden Death question later, Rachel Cushing won the Innergeekdom championship for the first time, by a single letter, in a match that will surely be a top nominee for “Match of the Year.”

Now, this weekend, Mike Kalinowski will face Rachel Cushing once again after winning the new title opportunity at Collision, over the force that is Kevin Smets. History dictates that in sports, whoever loses to their opponent four consecutive times will be doomed to repeat that same outcome. That holds true for Kalinowski as he is currently 0-3 against Cushing across the Innergeekdom and Singles league.

However, with his recent string of victories, even at times where he was counted out, it’s very complicated. If anything, Mike Kalinowski is riding on a momentum similar to Bibbiani’s since his Free 4 All III performance. After losing the title to Rachel, Mike was often counted out in favor of Smets in Innergeekdom, and pretty much in the entire league. He was not on many people’s radar when it comes to the Singles Division. For Teams, he made some noise before his huge win over Founding Fathers.

In this Innergeekdom main event, Kalinowski is more than determined. He’s got his super-dedicated studying skills to win back the Innergeekdom Championship. If there’s one thing that gets him going, it’s knowing that this situation happened before between Rocha and Reilly in their third bout. Reilly overcame Rocha to become the first ever two-time Singles Champion, and that was after losing to Rocha in the previous two bouts.

Can Kalinowski become a two-time Innergeekdom champion? Only if he doesn’t fall behind, and only if he pays close attention. Their last title bout proved that Kalinowski and Cushing are both extraordinarily well versed in Innergeekdom categories, but it was attention to detail that felled Kalinowski. He was only off by a single letter in his final, Sudden Death question, and he initially fell behind in Round 1 by a technicality, answering “Gotham Observatory” when the question – about Batman & Robin – was about the telescope within the observatory. If he can step up his game only a little, he could potentially defeat Rachel Cushing in a battle of attrition.

Coming fresh from reclaiming the team titles with her partner Clarke Wolfe at Collision, Rachel Cushing is anticipating another challenging match against her familiar competitor. “The First Lady of the Innergeekdom” will defend her other title at San Diego against him again. That does not mean that she is bored with facing Kalinowski, if anything she is more than excited to face him again, especially after seeing his meteoric comeback in this league this season.

Since claiming the title, Rachel has been showered with congratulations and positive feedback as the face of this division. Plus, she’s been in the conversation about who will become the first ever competitor to hold all three major championship belts in the Schmoedown. While all that is good, what she wants to do first and foremost is to just compete and have fun (especially with this main event). It is certain that she will know that Kalinowski is bringing momentum to their trilogy match, and that he will make this a true fight to the very end of the night.

If she has kept up with preparations for her title defense, then expect her to put up a true fight as well. Rachel looks forward to facing him at his best, and to defeating him for the fourth time; what she doesn’t like, unfortunately, is the noise surrounding this bout regarding how Kalinowski’s momentum will finally topple her off the top perch. Her key to victory will be to shut out the noise and focus on her performance. She is brilliant trivia-wise, but she has to stay positive and not pay heed to any negative thoughts. If she can do that, she and Kalinowski should make this trilogy match intense the whole way through.

This trilogy match between them could be yet another nominee for “Match of the Year.” Both have strong mindsets both are aces at nearly every category the Innergeekdom Division has. However, if Robert Meyer Burnett (who recently gained control over the divisions for a month) decides to put James Bond films back in Innergeekdom and in this main event, then Kalinowski will have the advantage. It’s a category that has been a hot topic in the Schmoedown community, a strength for Kalinowski, and an annoyance to Cushing.

Otherwise, Rachel will be a slight favorite to defend. This main event at San Diego Comic Con will dazzle everyone in the audience and all over the world. It’s two of the greatest competitors in the Schmoedown that plays in every major division.

Who will win “The Trilogy?” Find out this Saturday night at San Diego Comic Con!


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