READY FOR PRIMETIME: How Paul Oyama Could Shake Up the Whole Schmoedown!


This Friday, two of the top contenders for player of the year face off for the most coveted title in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown: the singles championship.

The contenders: current singles champion “Dangerous” Dan Murrell of The Five Horsemen, and rookie sensation and member of The Dungeon, “Primetime” Paul Oyama.

This match holds a great deal of weight for both players, but it is particularly make-or-break for Oyama.

“Primetime” has been on a tear this season, accumulating four wins and a knockout to boot. At his young age that’s already incredibly impressive, but for those who watched the fan leagues, it came as no surprise. Along with Chance Ellison, Oyama was one of the darling children of fan leagues, impressing everyone who played him with his insane knowledge. Evidently, one of the people who was impressed was The Chairman, because he brought Oyama up to the big time.

Some rookies have been known to crack under the “white-hot spotlight” of the Schmoedown, but Oyama quickly proved he was an exception, beating Brendan Meyer, Josh Macuga, Chance Ellison and, at the Collision, Liz Shannon Miller.

So if, on Friday, Kristian exclaims “and NEW champion”, what does this mean for people like Oyama? The fans who feel as though they have what it takes?

Well, for one thing, a win from Oyama would prove that it is actually possible. The element of fan interaction has been growing as the Schmoedown, and it has expanded. Before, if you played along at home, and maybe you scored higher than the winner, it was nice but it was the end of the line.

Now, however, with the Facebook group, reaction channels like Late to the Party and Take 3, along with leagues like Full Metal Trivia, fans are essentially a part of the show. And although Late to the Party have played their share of matches, and Ellison has been on a streak with KOrruption, Oyama is the first “fan” to get a title shot, and that is huge.

If he wins, it could open the door for other fans to come in and do what just he did, and also it means the old guard had better watch their backs. Oyama could open up a whole new floodgate of Schmoedown competitors, some whom are even hungrier for that belt than Oyama.

Another major impact this win could have on the league: this would be The Dungeon’s first belt. Comprised of Oyama, Eric Zipper, and another former fan league competitor Kevin Smets, this faction was founded only a few months ago, and already they’ve had two #1 contenders matches and now a title shot. This win would not only be big for Oyama, it would be big for Kaiser, who is making a solid run at Manager of the Year. The win would not only legitimize fan leagues, but it would legitimize The Dungeon.

What do you think? Would Oyama’s win shake up the Schmoedown that much? Do you think you have what it takes to be in The Schmoedown, and be the next Oyama? Leave a comment below!


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