OW, MY FEELINGS: The Ten Most Emotional Moments in the Schmoedown!


For so many players, the Schmoedown is not just a game. It’s something that competitors put hours of investment into, whether it be studying or showmanship. Because of this, emotions can often run high. Competitors can be angry, sad, happy, and those feelings can pour out of them and onto camera for us to witness.

Today, we’re taking at the top 10 most emotional moments in the history of the Schmoedown. Let’s begin!

10. Kristian Harloff: “The Blue Fairy Sucks My B*lls”

To start off this list, I want to take it all the way back to the days of Season 1, when the Schmoedown was just a segment on The Schmoes Know Show. The 15-week tournament had been going strong, and was obviously a huge hit with fans, and we had reached the last of the semi-finals of the tournament. The matchup: Josh Macuga versus Kristian Harloff.

Most everybody expected Harloff to win the match going in, and Macuga only answering 1 of his first set of 3 questions set that stage even more. However, Kristian’s first question asked to him, in the category of animated, was “which Disney film features The Blue Fairy granting a wish?” He gave the answer of Sleeping Beauty because there is a blue fairy in the film (although she is not known as The Blue Fairy), then again with Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. However, the correct answer was Pinocchio.

This incorrect answer threw off the rest of Kristian’s game, culminating in a surprise upset from Macuga, and Harloff shouting “THE BLUE FAIRY SUCKS MY B*LLS!” Even the Chairman can lose it sometimes, and this iconic Schmoedown moment is the shining example.

9. William Bibbiani: “I Betray You”

The Four Horsemen were one of two big factions during the first half of season 4, and it seemed to be a faction of champions.

Unfortunately, there was internal clashing amongst the four, particularly between Rocha and Bibbiani, who didn’t see eye-to-eye. This led to a blow-up after Rocha’s loss at the first Collision, where Bibbiani told Rocha he should have never been champion, and left to be managed by Ricky Hayberg. Everyone began yelling over each other, but it ended with Bibbiani grabbing the mic and yelling “I BETRAY YOU!” As we know now, the Horsemen took many other forms, but at this point in time, because of this moment, it seemed as though the Horsemen would never reform.

8. Top 10: “Jane Fonda”

From one Rocha moment to another, this very well may be the most controversial moment in the Schmoedown, and because of that, emotions ran high, particularly from Rocha. In their third go against the Patriots for the titles, Rocha and Knost were positioned to have a great round 3, with westerns being the category. Rocha and Knost came up with the answer of Jane Fonda towards the end of the countdown, and attempted to scribble it down in time, but it came out looking like gibberish.

This led to a challenge from the Patriots, and them lobbying for a Respin of the wheel, which they were awarded, much to the dismay of Top 10. Had Top 10 gotten the points for Jane Fonda, they would have tied the game. However, they ended up with a large deficit, and lost the match in a knockout. Their post-match interview left Rocha with a bad taste in his mouth, feeling like the match was biased against them, and unsure if he wanted to continue with the league if rulings like these continued to stand.

As we know, he came back stronger than ever, and had even more emotional moments in his post-match interviews (don’t worry, we’ll get to that)

7. Dan Murrell’s 3x Championship – “You Deserve It”

The energy from a live event crowd can make any competitor feel more confident in themselves, and nowhere is that more obvious than when Dan Murrell won the championship in New York. The match had been neck-and-neck up to the very end, but it finally ended with Murrell coming out on top.

The audience greeted their once again champion with a 3 minute standing ovation full of cheers, but the peak of this was before Jenn’s interview started. The crowd began chanting “you deserve it” as Dan was left to be overwhelmed by the love and support from the Schmoedown community. Without a doubt, one of the most emotional moments for both a competitor and fans.

6. Andrew Ghai: “By Way of Technical Knock Out”

Although Murrell did get the belt at the start of season 6, he had to work his way up from another one of the most emotional moments in the Schmoedown: when he lost to “Dastardly” Drew Ghai. The cocky Team Action superstar was not expected to come anywhere close to beating Murrell. It was supposed to be a nice re-entry into the game for the former champion.

As we now know, however, that isn’t quite what happened. Although Murrell played well in the first two rounds, Ghai was simply on fire, accumulating 16 points by the end of the second round. Murrell was stumped on his 5-pointer, and Kristian shouted the words he never thought he would: “And your winner by way of technical knockout!”

Ghai’s reaction was insane. The second Murrell gave the incorrect answer, Ghai gave the correct answer, and proceeded to jump on the desk, give a holler of joy, and flip off the crowd shouting “fk you, fk you, I’m the f**king king, this is my league!” Not only was Ghai’s elation incredibly emotional for such an underdog in a match he was expected to lose, but the shock on Harloff’s face is something to behold. As he has stated multiple times, that moment was when he saw the marquee of “Dan Murrell vs Samm Levine 2” go up in flames.

5. Drew McWeeny: “And Still…!”

From one moment of elation to another, this headlining match of the second Collision was the rubber match between two of the best teams to ever play in the league. The format was an Iron Man match, and it was The Patriots versus Above the Line.

The latter dominated the majority of the match, and the final score resulted in 57 to 48. McWeeny was so happy to have won the match that he shouted “YEAH! YEAH! F**K YEAH!” as he hugged his partner and held the teams belt high above his head. Of course, he wound up having to give the belt up when Samm stepped away from the game, and now he’s joined up with The Family.

Maybe with Robert Meyer Burnett as the new commissioner, he’ll finally have a chance to get his belt back.

4. John Rocha: “And New…” “YEAH!”

Love him or hate him, John Rocha is quite possibly the most determined player in the game, and the pinnacle of this determination came when he played his first singles title match at the beginning of season 4 against who else but “Dangerous” Dan Murrell.

The match seemed like it could go either way, but it was again a 5-pointer that stumped Murrell, giving us the new champion in “The Outlaw.” This moment is still referred back to as one of the best reactions to a competitor winning a title, and the moment feels so genuine. Rocha had worked his butt off to get to where he was, and it paid off in the form of that singles belt. As we know, he would eventually hold it a second time, but because of how real this reaction felt, it still ranks as one of the most emotional.

3. The Founding Fathers: “David O’Russell”

Jumping to another John Rocha teams moment, this post-match interview given by the Founding Fathers ran the gamete of emotions. Now-teammates Murrell and Rocha were faced with playing the masterminds of the Anarchy tournament, Korruption. They were forced to go to sudden death, but Murrell couldn’t write down the answer of David O. Russell in time. However, because he was the first to answer (thus, he couldn’t hear that the others had put down David O. Russell), they thought the answer counted, but it didn’t, and Korruption won the match.

The post-match interview that was given is still one of the best. Both Rocha and Murrell were clearly shaken by the decision made on the desk, and once again, Rocha was unsure about whether or not he wanted to continue in the Schmoedown because of how difficult these rulings were. However, Dan pulled him out of that mindset, telling Rocha about what he had done for the horsemen and for him and for the league. The friendship between the two was evident, both seemed on the verge of tears, and whether it was from happiness or sadness, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that these guys would be there for each other in this game, through thick and thin.

2. Mike Kalinowski: “And Your Winner!”

Although this moment is more recent than most of the ones on this list, there is a very specific reason why I chose the moment where Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski beat Kevin “The Smasher” Smets at the third annual Schmoedown Collision. The match was a nail-biter, but eventually, KO pulled out the win with his 5-point question… and then just lost it. He teared up, overcome with emotion, and was comforted by his faction.

So why did I pick this moment at #2? Well, it’s simple. Yes, the Schmoedown is a movie trivia show, and there are storylines with people playing characters. But this reaction from Mike completely broke down everything about it, and it was amazing. There’s Mike Kalinowski, the leader of KOrruption, and there’s Mike Kalinowski the person, and during that moment, we got to see the person. Heels, faces, none of it mattered in that moment. All that mattered was that Mike was the underdog in the opinion of fans, and he proved all of his doubters wrong, and he would finally get a chance to get a title that he just barely lost back.

What could be better? Well…

1. Clarke Wolfe: “We Are the League”

Without a doubt, the most significant, beautiful, poignant, and emotional phrase ever uttered in the Schmoedown was when Clarke Wolfe and Rachel Cushing won the team titles. The Shirewolves had been facing so much crap from “fans”, and in their title match against Sick in the Head, they proved all the nay-sayers wrong. They racked up an incredible 29 points in four rounds before winning the match via KO, becoming the first female champions in the Schmoedown.

But that wasn’t the most emotional part. The most emotional part came during their post-match interview, where Clarke Wolfe said “we see it all the time, like, ‘oh, there should be a women’s league’. There’s no women’s league! There’s no women’s league, we are the league, we’re in the league, and we’re the winners right now”. It summed up perfectly how important this win was to two of the best Schmoedown players, and what it meant for the league going forward.

It couldn’t have been said any better.

What do you think are the top 10 most emotional moments in the Schmoedown? Comment your list below!


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