Machine Mondays: MACHINE WEEK!!!


It’s a big week for me in the Schmoedown! After coming off of what I feel like was a pretty damn good performance in the Manager bowl, I’m going into my first teams match with Ethan Erwin and a singles match finally facing Mike Kalinowski. It’s a lot to process for sure, but these are things that have been brewing for a while. 

When I saw I got paired with Ethan at the start of “Anarchy” I was so pumped! But due to scheduling issues we couldn’t make it happen. He went on to become the singles champ and I continued to grow with every match. Of course I have that fear that I can’t bring anything to the table. Ethan is incredible. He’s already a former champ and after a year and a half, I have nothing tangible to show for it. But I think that’s just one more thing driving me to be better and up my game. 

Going into this particular match, I have the advantage of already facing The Paddington Two, so I know their knowledge base, but me and Ethan only have one teams match under our belts and we lost, so this is still new for us. I will say though that I’m confident in the fact that we have very complimentary knowledge. He doesn’t really know what I know and vice versa. We fill gaps in one another and the chemistry is on point.

Then there’s Mike. We’ve been feuding for over a year. KOrruption has been causing trouble for me since their inception and I’m so eager to shut it down. I almost had Chance in NY, I took down Stacy, and now it’s time to go head to head with the Wonder Bread king of Vanilla High. I’ve been criticized in the past for not beating more seasoned competitors and I hope to change that. I’m not a Paul Oyama or a Liz Shannon Miller, who have sky rocketed so early. It’s been a build for me, a climb. The hard work doesn’t scare me, I’m just eager to reach the top already. 

I was once told the Stat that I have the closest margin of defeat after Dan Murrell and Rachel Cushing. To always be so close and not get there is incredibly frustrating, but it’s fuel for the Machine. I always usually have a pretty strong round one and then anything can happen after that. I have to just hope Mike is more focused on IG right now, maybe a bit rusty, and hope that the wheel is kind to me. Mike is a great competitor but I think anything can happen.

Win or lose and especially after the love I’ve received after Collision, I’m excited about my future in the Schmoedown. Time Machine can do some big things this season and I’m anxious to dip my toes into a new format. Then I can hopefully continue to impress and turn my good performances into actual wins in singles. I love doing this and what I represent in this league as a black female competitor. I want to be among the best and keep the Machine on people’s minds.

I hope you enjoy unofficial “ Machine Week,” it should be fun! 

~ Machine


  1. You’re the most improved player in recent memory – you had McWeeny beat, and you beat Rocha – no small feat. I think this is your time – and beating Kalinowski would be a hell of a statement. You’ve won everyone over at this point, I think – people are rooting for you. Good luck for this week (even if it has already been filmed, probably).


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