KINGS OF KNOCKOUTS: The Schmoedown Competitors With the Most KOs!


In the entire history of the Singles Division there has been a combined 57 total knockouts (12 KOs & 45 TKOs) by 25 different players. However, some players find themselves knocking out their opponents at a higher rate than the vast majority of the division. Here are the top players with the most combined (KO & TKO) knockouts…

T-3rd: William Bibbiani (4 Total Knockouts)

Even with a record that’s just 1 game above .500, when Bibbiani is on his game he’s as dominant a force you will see in the division. Given the caliber of players he has knocked out it’s kind of shocking that his record is what it is at this point. With an average accuracy of 87% in knockout performances it is the top accuracy among the players on this list.

T-3rd: Mike Kalinowski (4 Total Knockouts)

While Kalinowski has the same amount of knockouts as Bibbiani, the caliber of player is dramatically different. Two of the players (A. Robinson & B. Chandler) he has knocked out no longer compete in the league and Josh Macuga has been a .500 player for the majority of his career. Even in his most recent TKO against Jeannine he was fortunate during the 2nd round of that match when Spinners and Opponents Choice favored him. 

2. Kristian Harloff (5 Total Knockouts)

The former Singles Division champion and the current chairman of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown is boosted to number two on this list thanks to two KOs he earned in the inaugural 2014 tournament. Of his five knockouts only Josh Macuga is the only current competitor in the league. 

1. Dan Murrell (8 Total Knockouts)

For a very long time Dan Murrell has set the standard for excellence in the Singles Division and continues to do so as the current division champion. Racking up a record of 8 combined knockouts is an astronomical number. It accounts for 67% of his total wins. He’s the only player to have 2 seasons with at least three knockouts. 

Stop Trying To Hit Me And Hit Me

Every player on the list above has found themselves on the opposite end of a KO or TKO. Yes, even the great Dan Murrell (Andrew Ghai fans rejoice). But there are some players who have never been knocked out. Below are players who have played the most matches while not suffering a knockout.

(Number of matches)

  1. Samm Levine (14)
  2. Ethan Erwin (10)
  3. Mark Ellis (10)
  4. Ben Bateman (9)
  5. Drew McWeeny (9)

We Don’t Do Knockouts

If you play this game long enough you would think things would go your way just one time and end up on the positive end of a knockout. But for these players it amazingly has never happened.

  1. Josh Macuga (18)
  2. Clarke Wolfe (15)
  3. Mark Ellis (10)

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

There are some players who just can’t escape the fatal blow. These are the players who have been subjected to the dreaded knockout the most.

  1. JTE – 1KO & 3TKOs; 4 total
  2. Josh Macuga – 1KO & 3TKOs; 4 total
  3. Stacy Howard – 2KOs & 1TKO; 3 total
  4. Jason Inman – 3TKOs


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