COMMISSIONER EMMA FYFFE: True Heel or True Visionary?


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was written before the events of The Founding Fathers vs. KOrruption II, and does not reference those events.

Slytherins are made up of the most evil witches and wizards in the Wizarding World. Emma Fyffe is a proud Slytherin and people have suspected her true colors have been showing. After Chance Ellison defeated her, she used her authority to place him in Innergeekdom. But was that an act of punishment or a chance for growth?

What caused Chance to enter Innergeekdom in the first place? After Emma told him about participating more as a Commissioner, Samm decided to give Chance a match against her out of spite. Emma then lost the match and forced him to face Keetin Marchi, Chandru Dhandapani, and Brandon Hanna.

To determine whether Emma is a true heel or visionary, we should consider her track record. She managed The Fyffe Club through many victories last year. The Shirewolves won and defended the Teams Belts. Marc Andreyko faced William Bibbiani for the Singles Belt and only lost by a single point. At The Schmoedown Awards, the entire faction was nominated in thirteen categories, taking home seven awards. Her track record is enough proof that she knows how to bring out the best in any competitor.

Another thing to consider: is there any other example of Emma abusing her power? Has she denied anyone she despises? No, there isn’t. The one person Emma has had any beef with is Grace Hancock. Grace replaced her as The Lion’s Den’s personal post-match interviewer several years ago. Fans might have thought Emma would use her power to stop Grace in becoming a manager in KOrruption, but she didn’t and she approved Grace’s position.

Next, how did Chance Ellison do in his Innergeekdom match? He scored twenty-two points, eliminated two of his three opponents, and took Hanna to his five-point question in his first match in the division. Chance has the potential to be a triple threat like Rachel Cushing. In any case, this will make him a well-rounded competitor since Innergeekdom questions can appear in the Singles and Teams Divisions.

Lastly, we’ve seen quality Schmoedown competitors leave and never come back. Mara Knopic, Jason Inman, and Matt Knost are just a few recent examples. Since there are new competitors entering The Schmoedown, the league will continue to grow, right? Not exactly. For every Kevin Smets, there are several who fade from our memory. It makes sense that Emma would put a capable competitor, like Chance, in a match with competitors no one knows or that not everyone remembers.

So, what is Emma Fyffe? A heel who abuses her power for revenge or visionary who makes the game better? Not all Slytherins are bad, and Emma is proof of that fact. She continues to work hard on the Patreon, settle disputes between competitors, and bring The Schmoedown across the country. It goes to show anyone’s actions can be perceived as bad; even most courageous Gyffindor, loyalist Hufflepuff, or studious Ravenclaw.


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