CHAMPIONSHIP PREVIEW: Dan Murrell vs. Paul Oyama – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the Singles Championship preview!

Before we kick off the festivities at San Diego, there’s this humongous title match with so many symbolisms on it. The top rookie of this season has become the first-ever competitor from the fan leagues to challenge the long-standing GOAT for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship.

Will he accomplish this mighty challenge and prove that the already-validated fan leagues are where champions are forged? Or will the greatest champion of the league defend his singles title for the fifth successful time?

It’s “Dangerous” Dan Murrell versus “Primetime” Paul Oyama for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship!

When the fan leagues began to appear during the early heyday of the Schmoedown back around 2017, many did not appreciate their full potential, nor did they predict that they would produce the next generation of movie trivia competitors to grace the official league. From the founding pioneers of the fan leagues such as Chris Dommen and Kees Cornelisse, many came to play movie trivia that was inspired by the Schmoedown. It introduced us to early players and champions that paved the way for the future such as Jacob Blunden, Ed Sale, Manning Franks, Zach Sosland, Zack Michell, Jen Kempe, and Jonno Stowell.

Those people and many more were crucial to the fan leagues’ growth, all the way to where we have promising potential prospects such as: Robert Parker, Jeremy Adams, Kaleb Koho, Jake Maringoni, and the mysterious “Dollface” herself. Eventually, what the fan leagues produced three incredible, official competitors in the Movie Trivia Schmoedown: Chance Ellison, Kevin Smets, and the Singles championship challenger Paul Oyama.

To say that “Primetime” Paul Oyama’s rise in contention was fast would be too simple. What this young rookie has done was put on clinical performances with little to no decrease in confidence. That led to mighty victories in just a short timespan over Brendan Mayer, Josh Macuga, Chance Ellison, and Liz Shannon Miller. While the difficulty of his opponents may be debatable, his individual performances cannot be overlooked. With the backing of his manager Kaiser and The Dungeon, along with fellow fan league star Kevin Smets, Oyama is ready to face his role model in the Schmoedown.

The gravitas of this match for Oyama is huge. Should he win the title, he will not just be the youngest champion in the history of the Schmoedown, he will give the fan leagues a huge boon for those competing and those who have competed there. It will show that champions can be developed anywhere, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

For Oyama to be victorious, all he needs to do is shut out the noise and focus on his strong game. As much as some would scoff at his cocky attitude, Oyama couldn’t and shouldn’t care less about them, and should instead keep a sheer focus. But also, this five-round format the Schmoedown uses is much different than those in the various fan leagues. Through training provided by Kaiser, Oyama must be ready for the pressure and unique strategies of Rounds Three and Four – the betting round and the speed round – to avoid getting caught off guard. This will be a huge gut check for the fan leagues as Paul Oyama faces the GOAT and the benchmark himself.

To call “Dangerous” Dan Murrell the greatest singles competitor would be difficult to dispute. While his Teams record may not the best, he is monstrous in his Singles performances, especially in his successful defense over William Bibbiani. Now that he is the first three-time champion, Dan Murrell will is facing his greatest challenge in his third title reign. He is aware of the potential Paul has, thanks to his time in the fan leagues, but he is not fond of the insults Oyama and Kaiser have thrown at him.

For Murrell to successfully defend the title for the fifth time, he needs to keep pace with Oyama. Murrell’s skills are some of the very best in the Schmoedown; the only thing that can stop him is momentum. If momentum isn’t on Murrell’s side, if he misses an early step and has to play catch up throughout the match, he could put himself in a tough position. Andrew Ghai famously threw Murrell off his game with early, unexpected gains and Murrell has to avoid getting frazzled again here. This is a challenge Murrell needs to overcome as he confronts this new school with his old school skills.

It’s a historical match between the new blood and the old guard! Only one of them can hold the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship and defend it in the next live event in New York City. Between the two, Murrell is the obvious favorite to defend. However, Oyama will not make it easy.

Will the top rookie of this season surpass the standard that is Dan Murrell? Find out this Friday in this matchup for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship!



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