BURNETT, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL: The Best and Worst Case Scenarios for the Schmoedown!


In Season Three, Robert Meyer Burnett became the first Innergeekdom Champion and tasted power within the Schmoedown. He would later fall from grace after losing the belt to Hector Navarro, abandoning The Four Horsemen, only to later get betrayed by The Lion’s Den. However, you can’t keep The Captain down forever. This year’s Collision gave Burnett more power than ever before when Drew McWeeny won the Manager’s Bowl, putting Burnett in charge of the Schmoedown for a whole month, starting July 15.

What will happen now that The Captain is at the helm? Will everything go up in flames or will The Schmoedown enter in a Golden Age of Entertainment?

First, let us examine a few limitations in Robert’s new position:

Not “All” Powerful

Managing the Commissioners does not mean controlling every part of the Schmoedown. Outside of a few possible articles, TriviaSD will not be in his jurisdiction. And even though Robert is her boss, Emma’s responsibility on the Patreon site will also be outside his control.

The Captain is “Not” The Chairman

As Kristian stated in my interview with him and at the end of the Manager’s Bowl, he is the person in-charge of The Schmoedown and no one is taking it away from him. So, if things get too crazy, The Chairman can intervene at any point in time to stop what is going on. We witnessed that he is not afraid to throw someone out when things are out of his control.

It’s Only for One Month

Robert’s new role is slated for only one month. While it doesn’t sound like much time to do anything, any changes made during this time could have future repercussions fans might not be prepared for.

With these facts in mind, we can predict the best and worst outcomes of Robert Meyer Burnett in his new managerial role.

Best Case Scenario: The Ship Gets a Course Correction

When Emma Fyffe won the Commissioner’s Bowl, she was assigned to the Team and Innergeekdom Divisions. Because Samm Levine has a more lax attitude toward his responsibilities, she had to settle matters within the Singles Division as well. Both Commissioners seemed to develop some bitterness with each other after Emma confronted Samm about his responsibilities.

With Robert managing the Commissioners, he could resolve their issues either with compromises or by establishing what their responsibilities are in The Schmoedown. Emma wouldn’t feel overwhelmed and could return her focus to the Patreon, Teams, and Innergeekdom. At the same time, Robert can help Samm with his responsibilities as a Commissioner. Once both Commissioners are on the same page, there could finally be some stability in The Schmoedown.

Even though he would be taking the job seriously, Robert would not necessarily turn face. One scheme he might employ is having a rematch between Bateman and Ghai. The Houston Event did not show Andrew’s true potential since Movie Release Dates isn’t his strongest category. This wouldn’t be the first time fans have seen a match based on what happened in another match. After Finstock was banned from The Schmoedown, Jeff Sneider challenged Josh Macuga to bring back Tom Dagnino, who is apparently a different person.

Worst Case Scenario: Family Comes First

Robert has hardly been quiet about his role as a heel in The Schmoedown. So, how will the Commissioners suffer under his newly appointed powers? He could do what Mike Kalinowski did last season: manipulate the tournaments for his competitors. And unlike Mike, Robert is more focused on his stablemates’ success rather than on causing generalized chaos within The Schmoedown.

While he’s busy ensuring The Family’s success, Robert could also destroy The Horsemen during the Team Tournament. He could have The Founding Fathers and Who’s the Boss oppose each other in Round One, reducing their chances for victory by 50%. He could also manipulate the next bracket, choosing a very strong team and pitting them against lower ranked competitors, making it incredibly difficult for the faction to reach the final round.

One More Thing…

Fans have seen enemies become friends, friends turned into enemies, and even factions splitting apart. One thing we haven’t seen yet is two factions becoming one. With Roxy appearing at Houston and The Odd Couple opposing Ben after Chicago, could they join The Family and become a more dominant faction? It would explain why she didn’t participate in the Manager’s Bowl.

Is it going to be a summer breeze or a cruel summer? It all depends on what kind of mood Robert is in at the moment. He could decide to make a huge change one day then change it again the day after.

In any case, The Horsemen are the most likely victims of Robert’s new power and Emma and Samm should purchase high-quality earmuffs for everyone to prevent any hearing loss.


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