BREAKING NEWS: This is the Next #1 Teams Contenders Match!


The Shirewolves are champions once again but they have no time to rest! We will find out who their next competitors will be, on Monday and Tuesday, July 15-16 (if you’re a Patron) or Thursday, July 18 (for the general public).

Hold onto your socks: it’s going to be the the long o’waited rematch between KOrruption (3-1) and The Founding Fathers (3-1)!

These two super teams previously squared off in last year’s Anarchy Tournament, and they were so evenly matched that the match went into Sudden Death, where the game was decided by a controversial o’postrophe. KOrruption won the match, John Rocha had one of the most emotional moments in Schmoedown history, and a rematch seemed inevitable.

In the months that followed, each team went on perilous journeys. The Founding Fathers, consisting of league veterans John Rocha and Dan Murrell, were forced out of the tournament and didn’t play until the following year, but they’re looking strong after their victory in front of a live crowd in Houston. Meanwhile, John Rocha lost the Singles belt, and Dan Murrell reclaimed and defended the Singles belt and won the third Free For All, so he has a title shot in his pocket that he can use at any time.

Meanwhile, in KOrruption, Mike Kalinowski won the Innergeekdom belt, lost the Innergeekdom belt, and recently won his own IG title shot in a heated battle against Kevin Smets, and will play Rachel Cushing at the upcoming live event at San Diego Comic-Con. His partner, Chance Ellison, has been having an up-and-down year but is still considered one of the most impressively knowledgeable younger players in the Schmoedown.

Kalinowski wants to be the first triple-belted champion in Schmoedown history, and to do that, KOrruption needs to defeat The Founding Fathers. And if he wins, he’ll be facing off against Rachel Cushing (who he has never defeated), twice, in an attempt to win both of her belts!

If the Founding Fathers win, Dan Murrell will be on a path to become only the fifth person to win a belt in both the Singles and Teams divisions, and would become only the third double-belted champion in history. (If, of course, they can actually defeat the Shirewolves.)

It all comes down this, which will probably the most heated rematch we’ll have seen at the Schmoedown in years. The Founding Fathers vs. KOrruption II.



  1. Dan seems unstoppable at the moment and judging by his last couple of interviews, Rocha is fully committed to the team matches. So I believe in the Founding Fathers. 🙂

    • I have a feeling that they’re counting Rachel as the fourth. Probably because Innergeekdom is “a singles belt”.


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