YOU CAN COUNT ON THEM: The Top 10 Greatest Team Players in the Schmoedown!


SPOILER WARNING: The following list includes stats and wins/losses from Schmoedown Collision III, so if you haven’t watched that epic event yet, you really should!

Since the 2015 season when team play was introduced 100+ different players have participated in 120+ matches in the teams division. Only 11 players have actually held the title. Indeed it is an exclusive class. However, numerous players have set and broken all kinds of records but who among them sits atop the mountain as the best team players to ever play in the division? Many different factors can be looked at when determining the games best. Titles, title defenses, wins/loss record, accuracy, perfect rounds, etc.

If you saw my tweet a couple weeks ago listing my unsolicited top 5 players of the division that was before the events of Schmoedown Collision III and things have changed a great deal since then. So, without further ado here are my top ten team players of all time.

1. Jeff Sneider (Patriots, 9-2; Odd Couple 5-2) Former 2x Team Champion

Just looking at his overall team record of 14-4 is something to behold. Not to mention the combined 6 knockouts (2 KOs, 4 TKOs). His streak while with the Patriots going 9-0 which included 6 successful title defenses is a record that may never be broken. And recently as part of The Odd Couple he became the first player to win the team title twice and with two different teams. 

With a tremendous team record and all the accomplishments that come with it his play wouldn’t necessarily strike you as statistically great. However, he has been quite consistent over his career. His 73.73% accuracy rate in the 1st round barely squeaks in at the 10th spot and his total accuracy rate of 73.64% is outside the top 10. But his final round accuracy rate of 72.73% ties for 6th, his 17 final round points ties for 4th and his 104 total points is tied for 3rd highest. It’s a no brainer to have him as the best team player of all time. For now. 

2. Rachel Cushing (The Nerd’s Watch 2-3; Shirewolves 7-1) Current 2x Team Champion

You could argue that since teaming up with Clarke Wolfe, Rachel Cushing has been the best team player in the division. When comparing her Shirewolves run against everyone else’s overall numbers Cushing’s 1st round accuracy rate would rank 3rd (81.54%) and she is 6 for 6 in final round questions. Her total accuracy rate of 83.10% would rank 3rd best. 

However, she did spend time as a member of The Nerd’s Watch and that has a significant impact on her overall numbers. Which is to say she didn’t play that great during that time. In fact her 1st round accuracy rate of 56.25% is exactly the same as her old teammate Ken Napzok. And that’s subtracting her performance in the handicap match against Blofeld’s Cat. Her total accuracy rate of 58.7% back then is a far cry from the player she is today. Prior to the Shirewolves’ rematch with The Odd Couple I had Cushing ranked 6th on my list. However, I felt that if her and Wolfe were able to recapture the team title she would definitely move up to 5th or 4th. But given her extraordinary performance at Collision and the way she was able to carry her team to a historic victory it feels extremely justified to have her at the number 2 spot on this list. 

3. Drew McWeeny (Above The Line 7-1; Take The Cannoli 1-1; The Family 2-0) Former Team Champion

McWeeny has always been regarded as a top competitor ever since he joined the Schmoedown. When he was paired up with Samm Levine they went on a run that saw them win the 2017 Ultimate Schmoedown team tournament. Despite losing their first match against the Patriots for the title they were able to dethrone them in their second matchup and then go on to successfully defend the title against the Patriots in an Iron Man match. Subsequently, Levine would go on to retire and relinquish both his singles division and team division titles and in doing so forced McWeeny to vacate the belt. 

Throughout his time with Above The Line his accuracy rate was 19% better than Levine’s. He’s also the only player in the teams division to have 3 perfect 1st rounds and the only player to have back to back matches with perfect 1st rounds. On top of that he holds the 2nd longest streak of 5 consecutive matches earning 7+ points in the 1st round. And those 5 matches of 7+ points is the 3rd most in the division. 

Other notable statistical rankings:

3rd best 1st round accuracy rate (82.42%)
T-3rd best final round accuracy rate (87.50%)
T-3rd most final round points (18)
3rd best total accuracy rate (82.83%)
5th most total points (93)

4. Clarke Wolfe (Wolves of Steel 5-3; Shirewolves 6-1) Current 2x Team Champion

When the Shirewolves first became the new team champions Wolfe firmly cemented her place as one of the best team players of all time. She is just 1 of 4 players to play for a title with two different teams and has just played in her 6th title match at Schmoedown Collision which is the 2nd most for a player. She is also 1 of 3 players to play on two different teams whose team accuracy rate ranks in the top 10 and currently the Shirewolves have the 2nd highest accuracy rate of all time at 79.26%

Aside from being on two all time great teams she alone has been a model of consistency. She currently holds the record with 7 matches with 7+ points in the 1st round and holds the record for having 6 consecutive matches scoring 7+ points in the 1st round. Her and Cushing are the first team to reclaim the title and the 2nd players to win the team title twice. 

Other notable statistical rankings:

8th best final round accuracy rate (70%)
T-4th most final round points (17)
4th most total points (103)

5. William Bibbiani (Critically Acclaimed 4-2; Cinemaniacs 1-1) Former #1 Team Contender

Bibbiani is the only player in my top 5 who has not won a team title. Critically Acclaimed did face the Shirewolves for the belt but came up short losing 35-33. Those 33 points are the most for a losing team. 

When you look at Bibbiani’s performance in matches his knowledge typically stands above everyone else. In 8 career team matches he has 3 matches scoring 7+ points in the 1st round which includes 2 matches with perfect 1st rounds. And due to the fact that all of Bibbiani’s team wins have come via TKO (5) he does not have enough data to factor into the final round. 

Other notable statistical rankings:

2nd best 1st round accuracy rate (84.85%)
Highest total accuracy rate of all time (85.51%)

6. JTE (B.O.B. 3-1; Patriots 9-2; Evil Geniuses 2-0) Former Team Champion

As part of the Patriots who went on a legendary 9-0 run it’s difficult to have JTE outside the top 5. Consider the fact that while with B.O.B. he dragged Finstock through the 2015 tournament and got them to a title shot against the Schmoes. Even though they would go on to lose that match JTE single handedly almost beat the Schmoes all by himself. His accuracy rate during that tournament run was a staggering 48% better than Finstock. What makes JTE such a great teammate is that while his numbers are not at the top of the charts he is great at balancing a teams strengths and weaknesses. 

Now paired up with Lon Harris as the Evil Geniuses, JTE’s play through 2 matches is some of the best he’s ever played with an accuracy rate of 81.25% And just like he did for Sneider, JTE brings great balance to Lon Harris’ game which is an invaluable and frankly an unquantifiable asset. 

7. John Rocha (Top 10 9-5; Collider 1-0; Founding Fathers 3-1) Former Team Champion

The thing that stings the most when discussing Rocha in the teams division is he was never able to topple the Patriots. He lost all 3 matches and each loss was worse than before. First losing the belts on the last question then in the next match getting TKOd and in the final match up getting straight up KOd. Devastating. Rocha has always been a solid player in the teams division 

Now that he and Dan Murrell have teamed up they are both on a path and a mission for the team title which certainly looks like a possibility. 

8. Mark Reilly (Team Champs 1-1; Wolves of Steel 5-3; Who’s The Boss 4-2) Former #1 Team Contender

Reilly is definitely one of the more underrated team players the division has. Also, his luck of partners might be better than anyone else. Dan Murrell, Clarke Wolfe and Ben Bateman. While Team Champs didn’t have much of a run these future Horsemen were a scary force. For his time with Wolves of Steel and now with Who’s The Boss he has managed to get a title shot with both teams. A rare feat. Reilly has also been one of the more consistent players with his 6th best accuracy rate of 78.9% in the 1st round as well as the same rank for total accuracy rate of 78.33%

9. Ben Bateman (Team Action 6-4; Who’s The Boss 4-2) Former #1 Team Contender

Bateman is widely considered the best player in the league who still hasn’t won a title. In his days with Andrew Ghai, Bateman’s accuracy was 71.26% – nearly 20% better than Ghai’s. Now with Who’s The Boss his accuracy rate has jumped to 76.92% Bateman has been to a tournament final and a championship match losing to Above The Line and the Shirewolves, respectively. While some may erroneously point at Bateman for his late round struggles, truth of the matter is he has the top accuracy rate in the final round at 91.67%

10. Dan Murrell (Team Champs 1-1; Screen Junkies 0-1; Founding Fathers 3-1)

While Murrell is still fairly fresh to team play his reputation from the singles division precedes him and it would be foolish not to have him at the very least number 10 on this list. If his play from singles can follow him over to team play, which it seems may be the case, it would not surprise me to see Murrell in my top 5 by the end of the year.


  1. The fact that Sneider is 14-4 with two different championship winning teams is a staggering number in and of itself. I’m curious where Lon Harris would rank in here? He has always been consistent in his play, and let’s not forget that amazing run he had in Anarchy. He’s another player for me that is so good it’s surprising he hasn’t won a belt.

  2. 1. McWeeny- 2 of his teams are tied for most points scored in a match.
    2. Sneider- Been a champ on 2 teams and longest defending champ in division
    3. JTE- Dominated as a team in 2 different eras. First, with B.O.B in which he carried FINSTOCK to a title match.Then we all remember the Patriots. Say what you want about stats, but JTE is a legend in teams.
    4. Rachel- Part of most elite team we have seen. Has been carried by Wolfe, but also carries her at times.
    5. Bibbs- lost to LTTP then only to the Shirewolves. In anarchy he lost to the winners of the tournament. His accuracy makes him too good to put out of my top 5.
    6. Bateman- Success with 2 great teams. Made the finals of two tournaments and won one of them.
    7. Rocha-Former champ. Top 10 only lost to the Patriots, Action and B.O.B. which was in a different era. Action he was at a severe disadbantage because of bad luck with the wheel. Final match with Patriots is riddled with controversy.
    8. Wolfe-2 successful teams. Team champion
    9. Reilly- 2 successful teams. Played in 2 title matches.
    10. Whitney- Very much a large of part of CA success. Perfect round 1 in first match ever. Has scored over 30 points with 2 different teams which only a handful of players can say they have done.


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