TEAM PREVIEW: Inky & The Brain vs. The Family – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this team match preview of the week as we continue down the Road to Collision!

With more matches confirmed to be in “The Midsummer Showcase,” the excitement grows and grows. And it grows even more as a new stable and a young team continue their march to a contender’s spot in the Schmoedown Teams Division. One tries to shake off the bad vibes from their ill-fated trip in Texas, and another seeks to push forward. With multiple exciting personalities on display, it’s a matchup that that will surely entertain everyone.

It’s Andrew Ghai and Drew McWeeny of The Family versus Rachel Silvestrini and Devon Stewart of Inky and the Brain!

After a hilarious debut that ended in narrow defeat to KOrruption, Inky and the Brain needed a win this season against the debuting Movie Guys. It was an intense match between the two teams, with both Devon and Rachel working well to keep the match close with their opponents. In the end, they claimed their first victory by a slight margin.

Now, they want to move up in the rankings by facing Ghai and McWeeny. With everything sorted out, Devon and Rachel need to build on their camaraderie and their movie knowledge to keep up with McWeeny. Rachel’s strengths and Devon’s strengths, even his astounding knowledge of Will Smith Movies, will not be enough. Rachel and Devon will need to prove they know more about movies across the board, because their opponents will not lay down. Particularly after what happened in Houston.

One thing is certain, the new stable known as The Family is reeling from Andrew Ghai’s devastating loss to Ben Bateman in Houston, both mentally and… physically. After taking a week off, hopefully to see a chiropractor after that brutal chair shot to the back, this stable now has to move on to new success this season, after failing in their plan to end Bateman’s season.

As much rage as they have from 1) losing to Ben Bateman because he spun Spinner’s Choice twice (a conspiracy according to Burnett), and 2) Ghai being knocked out with the chair, they cannot lose their focus this week. A distracted team is a defeated team, right from the beginning. Ghai and his faction must shake off that defeat in Houston. If Ghai stays distraught, it will not be enough for McWeeny to carry this team to victory against Inky and the Brain. If they cooperate well with their knowledge of movies and not rely solely on “The Godfather,” then they should do well over their opponents.

This is a crucial match for these two teams in this division, particularly to increase their chances to qualify for the upcoming Ultimate Schmoedown Teams Tournament. Between the two teams, The Family should be the favorites. However, Inky and the Brain have the potential to upset their opponents and Ghai’s status after that brutal loss in Houston is unknown.

The only thing we know for certain is that personalities will clash. Particularly, the personalities of Ghai, Stewart, and Burnett while McWeeny and Silvestrini drive the competition. It will be a fun match to watch as we are less than a month away from “The Midsummer Showcase!”



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