SINGLES PREVIEW: David Del Rio vs. Liz Shannon Miller – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this singles matchup preview as the Road to Collision continues!

This matchup is an important one between the two rookies in the Top 20 Rankings of the Singles Division. Both of them were remarkable in their debut matches, and now they go face-to-face to earn an even big opportunity: a path to the singles title, where the winner of this match will face JTE to be in the #1 Contender Match in this year’s Schmoedown Collision.

It’s “Diamond” Dave Del Rio versus “Lightning” Liz Shannon Miller!

When Liz Shannon Miller made her debut match against another rookie, Demi Adejuyigbe, last March, she was going in with hype. She was rumored to be an even bigger contender than Ethan Erwin. In that matchup she was tested well against Demi, who was no pushover through all three rounds. Liz kept up with him and never faltered, winning that well-contested match.

Liz Shannon Miller has a clear path to the title this season and it starts with facing Del Rio. Her key to victory is to repeat her last performance. Liz has shown that she’s right at home in the Schmoedown, with a good understanding of the rules and powerful movie knowledge. If Liz keeps this up, we will see her in a title match later on this year.

Her opponent has something else to say.

If there is one outstanding fact about David Del Rio this season, it’s that he spoiled the welcome party for Witney Seibold in the Singles Division. After a surprisingly close battle between the two in the first two rounds, Seibold struggled to answer his third final round question after not getting the first two. Del Rio, on the other hand, was able to answer his two questions easily to earn an upset victory.

For this actor and filmmaker, Del Rio is now in a prime position to grasp the singles title this season. The first step for him is a match against an impressive rookie. He will be coming from one formidable matchup against Seibold, to another formidable matchup against Miller. He cannot hesitate and falter after a solid debut. It comes to being able to focus on his game just like he did against Seibold. If he maintains his focus, then he will be very competitive.

If nothing else, this is an excellent matchup between two of the best rookies of this season. The winner here will face JTE, and the winner of that match will be in the Schmoedown Collision’s #1 Singles Contender match against the winner of Chance Ellison and Paul Oyama. Between the two, Liz should be the favorite to face JTE.

This is the first of two matchups that showcases the future of this league with the other being Ellison vs. Oyama, and everyone should be excited for what is to come starting with this matchup on Friday!



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