Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with the preview of the final stop on the Road to Collision!

Before the arrival of “The Midsummer Showcase” we’ve got one more singles match to determine one of the matches in Collision. These two competitors are in-line to play for a singles title shot, and they’re are probably the best of the division. Between a stellar rookie and a returning favorite, only one will go on to the Collison. Who will it be?

It’s the #1 Singles Contender qualifier between “Little Evil” JTE and “Lightning” Liz Shannon Miller!

With two victories already in her first year, Liz Shannon Miller is now closer than ever to playing for her first-ever championship title opportunity. With what we have seen from her, she has lived up to the claims that Ethan Erwin made about her movie knowledge.

However, there are concerns that came up in her last match against David Del Rio. In the second round Miller had a rough time with her questions in the Family Films category. She had to rely on multiple choice many times and her opponent earned steals. Eventually, she recovered and aced her Round Three questions to get the win. The feeling of being overwhelmed under the lights is a feeling that happens for every Schmoedown competitor, and it eventually came for Miller.

With that out of the way, for this matchup Liz needs to stay calm under the lights. If she can learn from that experience, she can limit any opportunities her opponent can get to steal answers. She has shown that she is knowledgeable, now it comes down to rebounding from that rough performance.

As for JTE, this is his first path to the singles title this season. He’s accomplished so much in the Teams Division that it’s odd when you remember that he hasn’t made much progress in the Singles Division, with several “close-but-no-cigar” moments. The last time JTE had an opportunity for the singles title was last year at the start of Season Five.

This Friday, he has another chance to go for his next singles title shot. Will it be the path that will finally gives JTE the Movie Trivia Schmoedown Championship?

One clear difference between JTE and Liz is experience. Lots of experience. JTE has been a mainstay of this league since 2014, and his return for another go for the singles title is a sight to see. He knows how the game is played, but the current and still everlasting flaw of JTE is his uncanny ability to make hilariously wrong answers. Whether it’s misspellings, mispronunciations, or misplacements of words, these mistakes have costed him some crucial matches in his career. If he does not let it run amok this Friday, he will be fine and ready to make it competitive.

One of these competitors will face the top rookie, Paul Oyama, in Collision to play for the right to face Dan Murrell in the next Singles Championship match. Between the two, JTE will be the favorite because he has both the knowledge of movies and the Schmoedown experience necessary to take this match and go to this Saturday’s “Midsummer Showcase!”



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