RANK-POCALYPSE NOW: Is This the Biggest Schmoedown Shake-Up of the Year?!


Folks, we need to talk.

Every Monday here at TriviaSD we update the Schmoedown rankings. Players and/or teams rise and fall based on their performance the week prior. Sometimes a player retires, so we drop them from the list, but usually we knock someone down a few pegs, bump someone up a few spots, or add a rookie to the roster.

So when the updated rankings came through last night, my reaction was basically one of those spit-take gifs, if the gif lasted three frickin’ hours.

The rankings have changed, and not for the reasons you’d normally expect.

Clarke Wolfe, Rachel Cushing and Marc Andreyko are no longer in the top ten players in the Singles division.

That’s the two most recent team champions, and one of the players who took over the team title. They’ve been knocked down to #13, 14 and 15, respectively.

Meanwhile, Emma Fyffe, the current Teams and Innergeekdom commissioner, who was recently defeated by Chance Ellison in a Singles match scheduled by co-commissioner Samm Levine, has dropped off the rankings entirely.

Emma Fyffe is, for the time being, out of the competitive part of the game.

What the heck happened? It’s no conspiracy (that we know of). Wolfe, Cushing, Andreyko and Fyffe have each decided not to compete in the Singles division for the near future. Fyffe is still commission of Innergeekdom and Teams, and Wolfe and Cushing still have a Teams title rematch lined up against The Odd Couple, and Andreyko is still participating. They’re still here, they’re just focusing their attentions outside of the Singles division.

And yes, all of these players WERE part of the now-defunct Fyffe Club, the popular faction that dominated the Schmoedown during the 2018 season. But that’s probably a coincidence, right?


Fans of these players may be distressed, but the good news is that the shakeup could send the whole league in unexpected directions. The Movie Trivia Schmoedown is in the middle of a “Rookie Renaissance” at the moment, and with fewer top flight veterans in the Top 10 rankings, the Singles division could very well become an unpredictable place. Exciting prospects like “Lightning” Liz Shannon Miller, “Primetime” Paul Oyama and Brendan “The Kid” Meyer will face unexpected opponents on their individual journeys to win the Singles Schmoedown belt. It’s a whole new world out there.

Besides, when these players make a triumphant return somewhere down the line, it’s going to be epic as hell.

What do YOU think of the Rank-pocalypse? What do you think of the Rookie Renaissance? And which of these Singles competitors will you miss the most? Let us know!


  1. Great article Bibbs! With the shakeup in the rankings and seeing as who is lower ranked than the artists formerly known as Fyffe Club; I would love to see McWeeny make a run at that gauntlet and break into the top 10.

  2. As much as I like all the players mentioned, I’m glad they were all removed from the Top 10 rankings. Consistency of play should always be put over a player’s record. Like in Rachel’s case, you can’t be in the Top 10 if you haven’t played a Single’s match in 16 months, regardless of a 4-2 record. It simply hurts the credibility of a rankings list when players that aren’t playing remain ranked so high. Now once she plays again, of course she should go back up, but not right now.


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