MACHINE TUESDAYS: Collision Course!


Last year I was honored to compete at Collision in an albeit interestingly arranged 3-Way match. This Saturday I will get that opportunity yet again to compete at Collision in an equally unique way. I won’t be playing for myself, but for my Manager Jay Washington in a spin on the usual Manager Bowl.

How do I feel about it? Read on.

So the Manager bowl has become a welcome addition for those looking for the opportunity to shake up the league. This year is no exception. Winner gets their manager control of the league for a month. If representing my continually supportive and wonderful Manager wasn’t enough of an incentive to win, let’s throw in the opportunity to give him a little power. What will he do with it? It’s up to him, but I have some ideas.

Maybe he’ll give Ethan a shot at getting the title back. Maybe he’ll put bullies like KOrruption out of commission for a month. He could make every match a stipulation match with something at stake every time or switch up the teams for the team tourney. As the winner of the black movie trivia match, he could keep it simple and add more black movie trivia questions to the matches or be bold and give Time Machine a team title shot. Whatever he does could potentially give Ethan and I a great advantage and put the league on notice; and my opinion might be slightly biased but I see an interesting and capable run in Jay’s hands.

I will say the competition is pretty good. Eric Zipper representing Kaiser, McWeeny representing Robert Meyer Burnett, John Rocha for Tom Dagnino and Stacy Howard for… KOrruption. Eric is an innergeekdom guy so while I don’t count him out, I think I could take him. McWeeny is a former team champion and while that’s super intimidating, he doesn’t know what I know, our knowledge bases are completely opposite, so that could work in my favor. I’ve got another former champ to contend with in Rocha. Let’s hope he’s his own worst enemy which can be the case with him at times. And then there’s Stacy. I outlasted her at last year’s Collision and beat her one on one. No doubt, she’s a great competitor and our specialties are similar, but with our history, I feel confident it will be repeated; and with Smets vs. Kalinowski happening, maybe Stacy won’t be the only member of KOrruption going down on Saturday.

No matter how it goes down, I’m bringing my best and plan to have fun doing it. I’ve got my entrance ready, my study regimen in place and my eye on the prize. Streaming live for the fans, I hope to make this Manager’s Bowl one that won’t soon be forgotten. Will you be watching?

~ The Machine


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