MACHINE MONDAYS: Winning’s Winning!


As the wise Car/Family enthusiast Dominic Toretto Once said, “It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile… Winning’s winning.” And that win can bring a sense of accomplishment, relief and pride for a competitor, under any set of circumstances; The opponent, the perceived level of difficulty etc. So it’s hard when someone tries to take away from that accomplishment.

I love the Schmoedown fandom. I started AS a fan and continue to be one even as a competitor. But I’ve noticed something that happens with the fan opinion that can be somewhat disheartening. I recently watched the innergeekdom fatal 4-way and saw a lot of comments saying “Good on Brandon Hanna for winning, but someone else should’ve won.”

Yes people are entitled to their opinions, but I feel like comments like that take away from a competitor’s earned win. I know how much Brandon put into preparing himself for this opportunity, so it’s difficult to see people try to suck the value out of his moment. I’ve seen it happen to many competitors, myself included.

I’ve been hearing from the start that my wins don’t mean anything because my competitors weren’t very good. It just feels like an easy dismissal of my effort and a dig at other competitors who take time out of their lives to do this. Sometimes these snap judgments aren’t thoughtful or constructive at all and that’s what makes it frustrating. I don’t expect everyone to like everything or everyone they see in the Schmoedown, but some respect for people who come out to compete should be warranted.

Calling the Shirewolves paper champions, saying people didn’t deserve their wins because of who they were up against without any reasoning behind it just isn’t fair. Of course it can be said that you wanted someone else to win or break down statistically why or how someone could have or should have won. But to just say “I didn’t expect you to win, someone else should’ve won, but good job” is some back handed mess I see and hear all the time from the comments section and I feel like people who compete deserve a little more respect than that. 

I see how much time and effort competitors put into the Schmoedown, whether it be taking time out of their day job to compete, putting money and energy into a fun entrance or carving out a whole study routine. So just recently seeing comments that downgrade a competitor’s win brings back other instances where I’ve seen this occur and it just feels disrespectful and negative.

I love this community and I hope it can continually be a source of positivity and a place for us competitors to know that fans love what we put out there for them. Fans have every right to their opinions but if it’s a criticism of what’s supposed to be a proud moment for a competitor, I hope that criticism comes in a constructive and thoughtful way.

~ Machine


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