INNERGEEKDOM PREVIEW: Adam Hlavac vs. Eric Zipper – WHO YA GOT?!


Hello Schmoedown fans, Tim here with this preview to the latest Innergeekdom match as we continue down the Road to Collision!

These two players each want the next opportunity for the Innergeekdom title later this season, and they’re in each other’s way! One is just getting over a tough battle with the “First Lady of the Innergeekdom” herself, and the other is coming off of an inspired invitation to a new stable by one of the hardest-hustling managers in the league.

Who will climb up in this division? We’ll find out as Adam “The Haymaker” Hlavac takes on Eric “Z-Man” Zipper!

Right after narrowly losing to KOrruption, Eric Zipper decided to split up from his teammate Winston Marshall for good. Anticipating a hero’s welcome from the stable that defeated them, when he thought he was invited, Zipper then found out that he had been duped into splitting up World’s Finest. Yet another heinous act by Mike Kalinowski’s stable.

Unhappy with what has become of the league with all the current stables, Zipper decided to leave for good. That is, until he was stopped by Paul Oyama and Kaiser, the manager of Kevin Smets. Oyama inspired Zipper to stay and join him and Kaiser decided to take them in for a while to see how they fared. He hopes to bring guidance to not just the top prospect of this year’s rookies, but also to the downtrodden competitor Eric Zipper.

This week, Eric returns to the Schmoedown with renewed vigor by Kaiser, back into Innergeekdom play. With his previous Innergeekdom campaign last season, Eric did decently with a TKO win over “The Answer Man” Mike Carlson and he put a good effort in his TKO loss against Rachel Cushing. For this match against Adam Hlavac, Zipper needs to refresh his Innergeekdom knowledge and stay positive. It won’t be easy after the mental beating he has taken from his accidental split-up and the chicanery he endured from KOrruption, but as long as he keeps a positive focus, he can make a great impression to Kaiser Smets.

As for Zipper’s opponent, Adam Hlavac is back for his second Innergeekdom match of this season. In his previous match against Rachel Cushing in February, Hlavac faced a rough Round Two with a difficult struggle in Star Wars while Cushing aced the Movie Release Dates. Defeated by TKO, he’s been waiting for his next opportunity, which is this week. With Kalinowski and Smets locked in for this month’s #1 Contender match to face Cushing for her title in San Diego, Hlavac needs this win to be next in line for his #1 Contender shot. It’s all on the line.

Against Zipper, Hlavac needs to know that his opponent is very good. Any underestimation will lead to another loss. Also, Hlavac needs to reconsider his strengths much more carefully. He has proven himself with successful Round One performances, but Round Two is where he’s hit-or-miss. He needs to look at which categories he is confident in where he can be ready for any deep cut questions coming his way. Should he give a better Round Two performance than his previous one in February, then it’s a much more confident lock-in for Adam Hlavac to earn a new title shot after many misses near and far in his Innergeekdom career. He has the tenacity to be one of the best contenders of this division, now is the time for him to make a run for the title.

Between these two contenders, Zipper is good but Hlavac is mighty, with a deeper knowing of Comic Book Movies and a broader knowledge of categories than Zipper. Hlavac should be the favorite to win this week’s matchup, but never count out the Z-Man.

Which one will win and be next-in-line after the Innergeekdom #1 Contender match in the Schmoedown Collision? We’ll find out as we continue down the road to this year’s “Midsummer Showcase!”



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